Thank You, President Corazon Aquino

Our condolences to the family of our beloved former President Corazon Aquino. Tita Cory, as she is fondly called, passed away on 1 August 2009, at 3:18 a.m.

Although this is a site meant to discuss legal matters, we just have to make this exception. President Aquino was mentioned in passing in the previous article on the distinction between EDSA I People Power Revolution and EDSA II.

Thank you, President Aquino, for being with the Filipino people in their fight for freedom.


(N.B. The date of Pres. Aquino’s burial, 5 August 2009, was declared as a special non-working holiday pursuant to Proclamation 1851)

4 thoughts on “Thank You, President Corazon Aquino

  1. elen_dejesus

    Tita Cory is one President, of a kind, i just hope we find one like her to lead the country. Unlike the present government. She’s a true example of a good leader. She lived by the principle of her late husband, whom i adore. But she’s now happy to be united with Ninoy. Wherever they maybe, their spirit will remain….

  2. jesclyn Post author

    From the bottom of our heart and our family, I would like to give you a hundreds and thousands thank you for being a good leader and mother to all Filipino people of our country. You such a wonderful person to all Filipino, no one can replace you to our heart and your memory still remain to us. We will always love you. Again thank you and goodbye we will never forget you..You are the only president that no one can replace and no one can ever reached what you have reached for our country and no one can replace you in the heart of all Filipino people. For me and for our family you always remain alive to us and your memorie will still remain. We will always pray for your family and we wish that you our happy with GOD and with you husband SENATOR BENIGNO “NINOY” AQUINO .

    Condolences from: Lapizar Family

  3. kylahernandez

    Can our company force us to work today? I’m working on an IT company. I know that the government declared it as a special non-working holiday.


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