Partnership Philosophy

We are professional legal partnership dedicated to extending prompt, accessible and quality legal services and cutting-edge solutions to legal concerns. As lawyers cognizant of our duty to our people, community and country, we are dedicated to the pursuit of truth and justice. We abide by the precepts of good faith and the highest degree of professional and ethical standards.



  • Litigation

    • Criminal law
    • Civil law (including family law, such as annulment, legal separation, custody and support matters, adoption and guardianship, testate and intestate proceedings)
    • Administrative and election laws
    • Corporate and tax laws Land registration and related proceedings
  • Mining and Energy

    • Incorporation and operation of mining and energy companies
    • Assistance in small-scale and large-scale mining investments/permits
    • Preparation and processing of Service Contracts
    • Compliance requirements for government agencies
    • Appearances before regulatory bodies such as the Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Election Laws

    • Counseling and litigation services in Election Law, including supervision and management of client candidate’s election and campaign operations

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