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2014 Bar Exam Results: Top 10 and Full List

Congratulations! The Supreme Court released the results of the 2014 bar examaminations on Thursday, 26 March 2015. Out of the 5,984 law school graduates that took the 2014 bar exam, only 1,126 passed (18.82% passing rate). The Top 10 bar passers and the full list of successful bar examinees are reproduced below: Continue reading

Results of the 2013 Bar Examinations: Full List

Congratulations to the bar examinees who passed the 2013 bar examinations. Of the 5,292 bar examinees that took the bar exam in 2013, a total 1,174 (22.18%) made it. Here’s the full list of the 1,124 who, after complying with other requirements, will become full-fledged lawyers soon. Continue reading

2011 Bar Exam Results Released by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court released the results of the 2011 Bar Examinations. The Chairman of the 2011 Bar Exams is Supreme Court Associate Justice Roberto Abad, while the examiners are: Court of Appeals Associate Justice Amy Lazaro Javier for Political Law; Cesario Alvero Azucena, Jr. for Labor Law; Ernesto Pineda for Civil Law; Abelardo Domondon for Taxation; Court of Appeals Associate Justice Ramon Paul Hernando for Mercantile Law; Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Maria Cristina Cornejo for Criminal Law; Virgilio Manguera for Remedial law; and Edwin Carillo for Legal Ethics. Continue reading

2009 Bar Examinations: Top 10 and List of Successful Examinees

On 26 March 2010, the Supreme Court issued the List of Successful Examinees of 2009 Bar Examinations. The passing rate is 24.58% (1,451 out of 5,903 examinees from 108 law schools). The Top 10 examinees are:

1. YEBRA, Reinier Paul R. (84.80, San Beda College)
2. TAPIC, Charlene May C. (84.60, San Beda College)
3. LIM, John Paul T. (84.50, Ateneo Law)
4. LAGOS, Caroline P. (84.40, UP Law)
5. TAN, Eric David C. (84.05, Ateneo Law)
6. GONZALEZ, Yves-randolph P. (83.90, Ateneo Law)
7. TO, Joan Mae S. (83.65, Ateneo Law)
8. BAGRO, III, Herminio C. (83.40, UP Law)
9. LUMAUIG, Timothy Joseph N. (83.20, Ateneo Law)
10. BAINTO, Naealla Rose M. (83.10, Ateneo Law)
10. GO, Sheila Abigail O. (83.10, Ateneo Law)

Here’s the full list of the examinees who passed the 2009 bar exams. Congratulations!

Primer on the Credit Information System Act (RA 9510)

What is the policy behind the “Credit Information System Act”? This law, Republic Act No. 9510, is consistent with the need to establish a comprehensive and centralized credit information system for the collection and dissemination of fair and accurate information relevant to, or arising from, credit and credit-related activities of all entities participating in the financial system. A credit information system will directly address the need for reliable credit information concerning the credit standing and track record of borrowers. An efficient credit information system will also enable financial institutions to reduce their over-all credit risk, contributing to a healthier and more stable financial system. Continue reading

Proposed Rule On Mandatory Legal Aid Service For Practicing Lawyers (Bar Matter No. 2012)

(The Supreme Court recently issued the Rule on Mandatory Legal Aid Service , requiring all “practicing lawyers” to render a minimum of 60 hours of free legal aid services to indigent litigants in a year. Please note the definition of a “practicing lawyer”. It was published in the PhilStar and Inquirer on 14 February 2009. It takes effect on 1 July 2009. A subsequent en banc Resolution, however, deferred the effectivity to 1 January 2010. Here’s the full text of Bar Matter No. 2012.) Continue reading