No Registration, No Travel Policy (LTO Memorandum Circular AVT-2015-1927; full text)

[Reproduced below is the full text of LTO Memorandum Circular AVT-2015-1927 (No Registration, No Travel Policy). Incidentally, in an Advisory published in newspapers, the LTO announced that: “In line with the implementation of NO REGISTRATION-NO TRAVEL policy, starting April 1, 2015, please be advised that only LTO Law Enforcers and LTO Deputized Agents in complete uniform with valid ID and carrying LTO issued Temporary Operators Permit (TOP) are authorized to stop vehicles and apprehend those in violation of the same.”]


Republic of the Philippines
Department of Transportation and Communications
East Avenue, Quezon City



DATE: 20 March 2015

Starting 01 April 2015, no four (4)-wheeled motor vehicle can be used, driven or operated on the roads without being duly registered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) pursuant to R.A. 4136, Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 and other applicable rules and regulations.

1. Any vehicle without license plates shall be stopped and the driver must present the Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR) of the vehicle;

2. If only CR/OR are presented, a fine of Php 5,000.00 shall be imposed for failure to attach the plates;

3. In case Special Plates were applied for, the driver must present the OR for the payment;

4. If without CR/OR, the driver must present the following:

a. Certificate of Stock Reported;

b. Sales Invoice, which must be dated within seven (7) days prior to the apprehension; and

c. Certificate of Insurance Cover, which must be dated on or after the date of the Sales Invoice.

5. In the absence of any of the above, the vehicle owner shall be fined the amount of Php 10,000.00 for using an unregistered vehicle and the driver shall be fined the amount of Php 1,000.00 and cited for reckless driving;

6. Further, if at the time of apprehension the date of the Sales Invoice exceeds thirty-seven (37) days from the date of purchase, the vehicle shall be impounded;

7. This is without prejudice to the liability of the concerned manufacturer, assembler, importer and dealer; and

8. All apprehensions may be contested within five (5) days therefrom.

For strict compliance.

Assistant Secretary

18 thoughts on “No Registration, No Travel Policy (LTO Memorandum Circular AVT-2015-1927; full text)

  1. Nathaniel

    Good Day..
    Does driving a new motorcycle, included in the ” No Plate No Travel Policy”..
    As I understand in the said memorandum only four (4)-wheeled motor vehicle is included. Motorcycles was not mentioned.
    I have purchased a motorcycle last Jan. 2015. and I am having troubles hearing that motorcycles are included.
    Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank You.

  2. ana

    Why is LTO implementig such when u urselves announce plates availablr march 31 those plates release as of March 15. So you should append that vehicle after mR 15 is exempted as you dont have available plates after that said date

  3. Rommer

    Last monday april 13, 2015, I went to LTO Marikina to ask for a hard copy of the “no plate no travel” law and to verify if mc’s are included…I went to the help desk and was answered “…sa mga kotse lang nag aaply yan sir…”, So I was only able to get verbal confirmation but still nit satisfied…Reading the article above clearly states that the “no plate no travel” laws apllies to vehicles with 4 wheels and not with mc’s…Also, since I just purchase my own mc, it awkward to have one but could not use it for 3-4 months because I have no plate?! By next month, I’ll be paying my monthly payment for my mc without mw actually using it…its just accumulating dust in our garage!!! That is unfair for consumers paying something that cannot be used because of unclear laws…I am going to save this page or print out a copy that when authorities should stop me because of the “no plate no travel” policy, I will present it and I would like them to read out to mw were that law applies to 2 wheeled vehicles…I strongly would suggest that mc riders who purchase their’s do the same!!

    1. John

      I think it is clear that mc’s are excluded. I actually had the same idea with Rommer to get a copy of this memorandum and if in case an LTO would check me, I would present it to them. I even have a copy with signatures of concern officials. I was warned about this by my dealer when I got my motorcycle but I have been using my mc to travel from different provinces and I was never checked. My friend who also warned about this laughed at my story and saying I was just lucky. But this document explains it’s no luck at all.

  4. Francisco

    The Memo Circular refers to unregistered four wheel vehicles and not to vehicles without plates. Please ask LTO to issue a clarification. Thanks.

  5. Niña grace

    Ano po update sa no plate no travel policy sa motor cycle po? Kakakuha lang po kc ng motor so wala pa po talagng plate un., eh my pupuntahan po kasi kming medyo malayo e iniisip ko po baka hulihin kami,., my mga papers nmn po kaming dala.

  6. Mr Terry

    Hi It seems absurd any vehicle would be required to display a plate that does not yet exist. Electric bikes trikes are a great step forward in fighting pollution, the laws and definitions published by the (LTO). are at best vague , Ebike sellers advice to prospective buyers seems to vary as could be expected. Is it 250w, 350w, 500w any wattage and 36v or only a speed requirement of less than 55kph that does not require registration, No registration no plate ?.. Surely a clearer definition can be set.

  7. Pablo

    My friend vehicle was impounded bec of violation in franchise under jao 2014-01 (colurum violation).i came with my friend at lto penalties but still we cant got the vehicle bec it will be impounded for three months. Then we talk to thier chief and asking about the technical impounding that instead of vehcle the plate nr and driver license will be impounded.then the chief told us that under jao 2014. Then why there is still the info at lto website re info of technical impund which cannot be used bec of jao as the chief told us.but as we read jao 2014-01 no words are stated in the said jao.can we still urged the technical impounding even the jao 2014-01 rulling in apprehension vehicles?

  8. rey

    hindi malinaw ang batas n to.. cge sbhin n nteng para ito sa lahat ng sasakyan 4wheeled 2wheeled..etc… eh bakit ganun ang lto.. bumili kme ng motor .. mag 1yr n nmen itong hinuhulugan sa dec. so kelangan n ito iparehistro.. eh ang plate d parin nirerelease ng lto ayon sa dealer. pano magpaparehistro nyan eh wala pa ang plate.. tapos matyempphan ang lto n wlang plate at xpyrd n or cr impound c motor.. anung klaseng batas yan. sana nmn irelease kase agad ang plaka para walang abala

  9. Raffy

    Good afternoon. Ask ko lang po, bumili po kasi ako ng motor sa marikina, installment lang po, but I spend most of my time sa paranaque kasi dun ako nag aaral. My question is pwede ko po ba itravel yung motor papuntang paranaque since walang gagamit sa marikina. Ang papers lang po na meron ako is yung receipt sa pinagbilhan.

    Thank you and good day!

  10. Del

    I have the same concerned , just got my new MC last Jan 9 hindi ko madala sa work kasi nga sabi nagn dealer hindi raw pwdeng dalhin I asked them kelan sabi nila 3-4 months .. I was thinking my point of having an MC is para maka save sa time at pamasahe ngayon dalawa na ang gastos ko pamasahe at monthy amortization sa motor kakainis talaga .

  11. Peter

    Similar to Del, above.

    I took delivery of my new motorcycle (total price paid PHP 342,000 cash) on January 11. I have visited the dealer, I have texted the dealer but, to date, have not been provided with any proof of insurance or registration. Earlier this week, I was told that the registration couldn’t be processed because LTO had exhausted stock of some form. In a telephone conversation today, I was told that I will be provided with some sort of permit from the PNP.

    What can I do to enable me to make legal use of my (fairly large) investment? I cannot dispose of my old bike because there are certain areas (eg Municipal Hall) which are enforcing the ‘No plate, no travel’ policy.

    This entire topic has the makings of a farce!

  12. Peter

    Well, after applying much pressure to the dealer. I have, today – exactly one month from purchase, received a copy of my CR & OR. Documents are unsigned, since the LTO boss man has been out of the office for the last two days – however, I am promised that they will be signed on Monday. The plate number is not yet assigned, but I do, at least, have the MV File No which can be used on a temporary plate. There should also be an “Authorization to use temporary number” document available on Monday.

    Apparently, the delay has been caused by the lack of CSR, which only became available at the beginning of this week – I don’t know who is responsible for producing that document.

    1. Peter

      I now have the originals of CR and OR (overstamped with authorization to use improvised number) so I think that I am now legally entitled to use my new bike. I guess that, having achieved this in exactly five weeks from original purchase date, I am fairly fortunate.

  13. Billy

    tanong lang po,, yong kotse ko wala pang or cr kc hindi pa na release na LTO pero on process na po,pwede po ba ako mag road test sa ibang lugar since two pa po yong kotse at the date of purchase?


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