Costs in seeking an annulment

There are a lot of questions posted in this Forum as to the cost or fee for an annulment procedure. The standard reply is: it depends. We could not possibly speak for the standard fees charged by all lawyers and the costs would normally go up if the case drags on as a result of contingencies (as when hearings are postponed for various reasons). It would also depend on the ground or grounds for annulment or declaration of nullity.

I have to write this post because there’s a report that the Supreme Court is considering an accreditation system for psychiatrists and psychologists who examine couples seeking to annul their marriages. The report and testimony of psychiatrists and psychologists are needed should a petitioner seek a declaration of nullity based on Article 36 of the Family Code (Psychological Incapacity).

The Inquirer news report reads in part:

The move, according to lawyer Nimfa Cuesta-Vilches, assistant court administrator, is meant to regulate the fees of doctors and medical experts following complaints from litigants that their services have become costly.

“Before, the fee was around P10,000 to P15,000 per case. Now, the fees ranged from P20,000 to more than P30,000,” she said.


“Psychiatrists appeared to have agreed to charge the uniform rate of P30,000 that many clients could not afford,” a lawyer said.

An accreditation system would prevent them from turning their services into a business that would be detrimental to the cause of poor litigants.

I presume that the need for accreditation will be the subject of a study by the Supreme Court should it pursue this move. In the meantime, let’s hear what you have to say about this move.

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45 thoughts on “Costs in seeking an annulment

  1. zionm31

    Hi Atty, I am a US citizen married in the Philippines. My now ex-wife filed and was granted a divorce in Hawaii. I now want to marry a filipina but bring her over as my fiancee to the US. Is there anything I would need to submit in the Philippines before I try and bring my fiancee to the US.

  2. lenn_valen0970

    good day po…i just wanted to ask…how much will it cost me if i file for annulment…can u give me at least an estimate for the things that i need to pay?…with regards to the annulment process…please help me…thank u very much…

  3. nathalie

    Good Evening Atty,

    I wud like to ask if my marriage is legal. My birth certificate has a discripancy. My gender is male and it hasnt been corrected b4 i got married.
    Tnx and more power.

  4. charlie

    gudpm ATTY.

    21 yrs old lang ako nung ako ay nagpakasal sa babaeng nabuntisan ko at force na pakasalan sya para mapanagutan ko ang bata kahit tutol ako dito lahat ng witnesses ay nasa side ng babae ng nagpakasal my parents consent as in wala sa judge nganap ang kasalan wala ako nagawa kundi hayaan na an nagyari.
    Dahil nga sa di nmin pinagkakasunduan lage kami nagaaway at 1 yr and 2 mos na kami hiwalay ngayon.
    8 yrs old na baby girl nmin d ako nagkulang sa support ng pangangailagan ng anak namin.
    gusto ko na tuluyan ng mahiwalay tlaga sa kanya sa papel ano ano po ba mga dapat grounds? at possible nba ako magpakasal kahit hindi pa ako totally annuled? magging valid ba pagkinasal ako ng d pa tapos ang annulment case ko?
    tnx more power..

  5. nadialrak

    im a filipino here in japan. I was married to a filipono two years ago…that i learned that he only used me to have visa but disappeared after few weeks of marriage… now i want to file an annulment and i dont know what ground could i use… please help me

  6. j92255

    i got my court decision on 2000, and I’m planning to get married soon. My atty told me that i need to have the court decision published in a newpaper in order to obtain the certificate of finality. Then together with the publication and cert of finality we can now go to the civil registrar and NSO for implementation.

    With this type of case, usually how much will it cost me (ATTY HANDLING FEE) ? More or less, how much will i pay for the news paper publication and for the certification and reproduction of the documents?

  7. amber77

    Hi atty,

    I need legal advice, me and my husband agreed to file an annulment because of our rocky marriage, what is the ground for these? and how much?

    Thank You!

  8. Cezylf

    Dear Sir:
    I got married 1984, because of a request by my father, we got married then after 12days my father died. I just knew this guy for 6months,by introducing him by a friend. I was 20 at that time. I got STD in 1992, but he denied the fact that it came from him. But he was the one who brought me to his doctor-who told me that he(my husband had it). We separated in 1994, because I went abroad to earn money for our living. He could not even support our children. For 19 years, my children are all grown up. My first child is a professional now. I brought them up with just a little support from him. Where sometimes, he’s the one asking money to my daughter. Which, the money was borrowed from me.

    How will it goes for my annulment? Now, that I have a fiance in US. Please help me.
    Thanks. God bless you.

  9. Cezylf

    Dear Sir:

    When my daughter got married in 2012, we met. He told my mother that I could file annulment because he like to marry his live-in partner. I like to file annulment since we got separated. For 19 years, I stand as father and mother of my children. I have my own business, to sustain my children’s needs.
    Please advise me.
    Thank you.

  10. jelyn

    good day atty.

    i was just divorce here in japan,

    hoping to re marry again..

    how much is the cost for a judicial recognition of foreign divorce?

    how long is the proccess?

    thank u

  11. kat

    My brother was maried ina restaurant in manila but the officiator was apparently fraudulent and my brother and his ex wife wants to make sure that the marrige was void since they have their own partners now. however they found out that the marriage cert was registered in san juan under a different name of the officiator. What can they do to make the marriage null and void and how much will it cost? Thanks

  12. Tata

    Hi Atty,

    I just want to raise a concern since my old Lawyer from the beginning told me that I will pay him a ceratin amount for a package that covering all the fees and charges and we paid him almost 90% already. All throughout the case, he was incompetent and now he’s telling me that I will be the one paying for the Psychiatrist’s fee, that is rediculuosly very expensive and I don’t want to pay the fees. DO I have the right to refuse to pay and let him pay instead? I am very scared that my annulment case will not be void because of my Lawyer’s incompetence. I will have my hearing the day after today. Your quick response on this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you.

  13. alizia

    Goodday Atty,

    I wud like to ask how long is the process for the annulment here in manila (annulment for civil married)how much is cost?

  14. wendy

    How about if my Filipina Auntie and Korean Uncle had agreement in the Philippine Embassy in Japan that they both agree to separate and void their marriage…What process we should do to void their marriage in the Philippine?Hoping for your reply at my email address…please!and thank you for reading my comment

  15. lexy lord

    Hi atty..kamusta po. Sana matulungan mo po po sa brother ko.higit 4yrs nakasi siya na hiwalay sa asawa nia.inabandona sila ng asawa po may plano siya mag canada thru immigrant and isama yung gf nia ngaun sa papers nia.gusto po sana niya iapply nalang ng legal separation para mas mura daw compare sa annulment tama po ba?Kahit po ba ganon ihohonor sila sa ibang bansa as common law kahit na legal separation lang iaapply niya dito?o dapat po annulment?and pede po ba mag file ng kahit alin don sa dalawa kahit walang consent ng asawa niya?kasi ayw na niya magulo pa sila ng asawa niya.sana po mreplayan nyo kami. Salamat po.godbless.


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