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Face-to-Face Trial, Training Video (Rule 22 and Rule 24 of the Proposed Revised Rules of Civil Procedure)

In preparation for the pilot test of Rules 22 and 24 of the proposed Revised Rules of Civil Procedure, the Supreme Court, in coordination with the Philippine Judicial Academy (PHILJA), The Asia Foundation, USAID and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), conducted pre-pilot seminar workshops in various parts of the country. Part of the […]

Rule 22 and Rule 24 of the Proposed Revised Rules of Civil Procedure (full text)

[See also: Face-to-Face Trial, Training Video] Office of the Chief Justice Supreme Court Manila FROM THE DESK OF: ATTY. MA. LOURDES E.B. OLIVEROS Chief Justice Staff Head Office of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P. A. Sereno 11 August 2014 ATTY. ENRIQUETA ESGUERRA-VIDAL Clerk of Court En Banc Dear Atty. Vidal: Pursuant to the 18 March […]

Efficient Use of Paper Rule (A.M. No. 11-9-4-SC)

Republic of the Philippines Supreme Court Manila A.M. No. 11-9-4-SC EFFICIENT USE OF PAPER RULE Whereas, to produce 500 reams of paper, twenty trees are cut and 100,000 liters of water are used, water that is no longer reusable because it is laden with chemicals and is just released to the environment to poison our […]

Judicial Affidavit Rule (A.M. No. 12-8-8-SC)

[A.M. No. 12-8-8-SC, 4 September 2012] JUDICIAL AFFIDAVIT RULE Whereas, case congestion and delays plague most courts in cities, given the huge volume of cases filed each year and the slow and cumbersome adversarial system that the judiciary has in place;

Employment of Night Workers: A Primer

Congress recently passed Republic Act No. 10151, signed into law by President Benigno Aquino on 21 June 2011, allowing the employment of night workers, including women. Here’s a primer on the Employment of Night Workers.

“At-Will” Employment and Due Process in Labor Law

Among the first concepts that we have to extensively discuss with foreign clients is the absence of “at-will employment” under Philippine labor law. “At-will employment” basically refers to an employment arrangement wherein either the employer or the employee can terminate the relationship even without cause. In the Philippines, the employer can only terminate an employee […]

Guidelines for the Live Broadcasting by Radio and Television of the Maguindanao Massacre Cases

The Supreme Court, acting on petitions filed by various groups, allowed the live broadcasting by radio and television of the Maguindanao Massacre cases, subject to certain guidelines which are applicable pro hac vice. The guidelines are:

30 June 2010 a Special Non-Working Holiday (Proclamation 2085)

Just in case you still don’t know it yet — June 30, 2010 (Wednesday) is a national special non-working holiday for the inauguration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Vice-President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay. Here’s the full text of Proclamation No. 2085 (see also full inaugural speech of President Noynoy Aquino). Related Posts: Holiday Economics […]

Revised Rule on Children in Conflict with the Law

Administrative Matter No. 02-1-18-SC REVISED RULE ON CHILDREN IN CONFLICT WITH THE LAW Section 1. Applicability of the Rule. – This Rule shall apply to all criminal cases involving children in conflict with the law. A child in conflict with the law is a person who at the time of the commission of the offense […]

FAQ on 13th Month Pay

What is 13th month pay? It is a form of monetary assistance equivalent to the monthly basic compensation received by an employee, computed pro-rata according to the number of months within a year that an employee has rendered service to an employer (basic monthly pay/12 x number of months actually worked).

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