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There are formal learning institutions dealing in all aspects of business. There are Big Businesses dominating our economy. Of course, there are Pinoys who are very lucky to have graduated from these prestigious institutions and work for or with the Big Businesses. However, outside of formal learning institutions, budding Pinoy entrepreneurs refer to materials from various sources in order to gain knowledge and insights on how business clicks. There are so many sources to choose from and, most probably, the ones reading this post may have browsed through the same materials.

Nevertheless, in recognition of the effort exerted by certain government agencies, let’s check some government websites that are rich sources of information for the Filipino entrepreneur.

Business Philippines. – At Business Philippines (a Department of Trade and Industry site) you will find materials like starting your own business, business plan preparation, SME incentives and laws, SME statistics, and frequently-asked questions. There are various materials on financing options and improving your business, among others. The main DTI website, with information like registration and licensing, is still up.

Securities and Exchange Commission. – If you want to register a corporation or search for reserved/registered corporations, you may want to go to the SEC website. You could also check advisories, orders and other helpful information in this site.

Department of Labor and Employment. – For labor-related concerns, the DOLE website boasts of useful features such as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and, to my delight, a fully functional email-query system.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. – The BSP is the central bank and monetary authority of the Philippines. Here, you’ll see regulations, monetary policy, statistics, loans, credit and asset management, and other relevant information.

This is only a partial list and, to be sure, there are other great government websites that contain relevant information for the Pinoy entrepreneur. Perhaps you may want to suggest notable government sites that should be added to the list.

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