Annulment in the Philippines: Questions and Answers (Part 2)

One of the more popular posts in this Forum is Annulment, Divorce and Legal Separation in the Philippines: Questions and Answers. It’s time we collate other common issues relating to this topic. When we speak of the “annulment process”, we’re using it in a general sense to include both a petition for annulment and a petition for declaration of nullity (the difference between the two was already discussed in Part I).

Should I seek an annulment?

This is a personal decision that should not be taken lightly. While divorce is not allowed in the Philippines, the fact that the law provides for annulment means that there are meritorious instances that would justify the annulment of marriage.

What specifically is the role of the Solicitor General in the process of annulment? Is it true that the SolGen is often the source of delay?

The Solicitor General is authorized to intervene and take part in the proceedings for annulment and declaration of nullity of marriages before the RTC and on appeal to higher courts.The Solicitor General is the principal law officer and legal defender of the land. His intervention in the proceedings ensures that the interest of the State is represented and protected in proceedings for annulment and declaration of nullity of marriages by preventing collusion between the parties, or the fabrication or suppression of evidence. This is the express pronouncement of the Supreme Court. The SolGen may or may not appeal an annulment decision, and such decision is within its authority. In other words, it’s not true, and unfair to say, that the SolGen is the cause of delay.

How long does an annulment process usually take?

The entire process could take less than a year or, if you’re unfortunate, years. There are so many factors that could delay the proceedings. You and your lawyer must be vigilant in making sure that the proceedings go smoothly.

How much does it usually cost?

This is a difficult question, primarily because there are so many variations. If you have absolutely limited resources, you could file the petition as a pauper litigant (for filing fees) and seek free legal aid (discussed below). If you engage the services of a private lawyer, the entire process may cost you at least Fifty Thousand Pesos (PhP50,000).
I have a limited amount of money. Where can I seek legal aid?

There are certain institutions where you could seek free legal assistance. Start with the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), although they may or may not accept your case, depending on their load (they’re usually overloaded with cases). The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) and certain law schools, provide free legal aid. Remember, however, that your request may be denied because there are other important cases handled by these institutions.

How can I verify if my lawyer really filed the petition in court or if a decision was really issued? Can I obtain a copy of the decision?

You may ask your lawyer to provide you with a copy of all documents (motions, pleadings, orders, decisions, etc.) relating to your case. The photocopying cost, of course, will be charged to you. In any case, you could always request to photocopy the record with the court where the petition was filed.

If there’s already a decision annulling my marriage, but the decision is appealed by the Office of the Solicitor General, is it ok to remarry?

No. Unless and until the decision in your favor becomes final and executory (no motion for reconsideration or appeal was filed) and the other requisites have been complied with, you can’t remarry.

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125 thoughts on “Annulment in the Philippines: Questions and Answers (Part 2)

  1. Nick

    Good Afternoon,

    Is there a website or somewhere to go to check the status of a ruling on an annulment?

    Thank you,

  2. Roxanne

    Hi Atty,
    4 years na po ako kasal sa dating asawa ko na iranian at ako ay inabandona ng 4 ago hindi na siya nagsuporta sa akin ng perang financial kahit ni singko hindi siya ng bigay sa akin ng pera. Gusto ko na po magfile ng annulment para mapawalang bisa ung kasal ko.
    Please give idea advice for me here my situation now para mapaannulled ung kasal ko sa iranian national.

  3. belle p

    Hi atty Fred

    hiwalay po kami ng asawa ko almost 6 years na and we decided na mag hiwalay legally para mamuhay na po kami kanya kanya. we have 4 grown kids my eldest son is 27yo and my youngest son is 16 yo. So wala naman pong problema sa mga anak ko na maghiwalay na kami ng ama nila.
    gusto ko po sanang mag tanong kung magkano po ang aabutin para sa madaliang proseso sa annulment.
    maraming salamat po.

  4. Mar

    Hi,atty tanung ko lang kung ilang months ang process ng annualment ng kasal,may devorse papers na sa japan at parehas na may signature both side,at magkano magastos lahat?

  5. nel

    atty good day

    me and wife are living separated already for 5yrs. we have 2 kids 11 and 4 both girls. my wife talked to me she wants an annulment and so do i. the kids are with me cuz i can provide much better education and environment for both. she visits the kids here in my domain overnight or for a day. my wife though she have a job doesnt contribute any penny to the kids education in which i dont mind. i told her also that i wound not mind if she has a bf she would not hear any from me nor to the kids… i also talked to my eldest regarding this she understands naman… i want to ask if both parties agrees for annulment will that be easy to file and be done? or do u have any of your colleagues that can assist me with all the stuff on PAO?

  6. Marjo

    Hi bf po aq ngaun pero kinsal cla nong 2013 june s simbhan pero aftr2 dys nghwlay n cla at ngkron ng kasulatan s brgy n wla n clang pkialm s isat isat pumirma ang both side, dhil sumama ang babae s tomboy….ngaun po gusto n nming mgpksal ng bf q…pero nang gugulo po ang babae at cnavhn aq ng kabit….
    Tanong q po kng pwde po kming mgpksal civil kht hnd p cla annul at ung kasulatn lng po ang pgbabasihan..slmat po

  7. Sakura

    What is the used of being married here in Philippines if my husband is now enjoying his life in US with his wife there or another woman.

    We’re married here in Philippines 2012. My husband is US citizen/ foreigner. He filed for divorced & approved in 2014 by US LAW even without my signature. (No kids).
    Now Im having a difficulties because I dont know how to do to make it easier to apply for this annulment under Philippine law is so difficult ?
    This is so unfair for me. I want this marriage annul soon.
    I dont have much money . Please help me. Advice please.

  8. Cherdoll

    hi Attorney,

    I just want to ask if how long that I have to wait for the Pre-trial conference. My lawyer already filed the case and its already more than 6 months but still no date for the Pre trial conference. I paid extra amount to my Attorney coz he said it will only be 10-15 Months then the case will be finish. Can you please me elaborate the step by step order of the Anulment case before having the decision? Thank you very much & I hope a reply from you. God bless & more power…


  9. Lhai

    Good evening! I’d like to ask whether there is a chance for my marriage to be annulled. I had civil wedding last April 2010. I was 22 and my partner was 24 way back then. We were asked to have a parental advice. My husband was able to secure one from his mom because his father is already deceased and we were able to show a death certification. On my part, my mom and dad got separated but not legally. It was hard to obtain my father’s parental advice since he’s abroad at that time but we didn’t lose touch with him. In order to get a marriage license, we instead had a affidavit that stated that we didn’t have any form of communication with my father for more than five years and so my mother’s parental advice was just enough. But it was a lie. Through that, we were able to have a marriage license and got married in the municipal hall. I wonder if there is greater chance for us to be easily annulled.

  10. ruby Jane

    Magandang araw po ako po at hiwalay sa asawa gusto ko sana na maannul na po ako kaya lang po wala ako trabaho at walang perang pang annul ako po at my isang anak sa tatay ko po kami ngaun umaasa ng aming panganagilangan mag nanay nag babalak na rin po ako mag trabaho para po makatulong s tatay ko po sa gastusin naming mag INA na kipaghiwalay po ako s asawa ko po nung 2013 po kaaanak ko lang po nun sav ko po s asawa ko lipat po kami sa bahay ng kapatid ko kc powala kami kasama sa bhy kc po my trabaho po x at saka po lagi po ako na hihilo minsan nga po muntik na po ako mahulog sa papag kc bigla po ako nahilo pumyag naman po x na sa kaptd ko po muna kmi, ksama x, kaya lang po makalipas ang ilang araw nagalit n po x kung Hindi daw po kami uuwi mag INA wag n DW po kmi umuwi, Hindi naman po kami umuwi tapos po siya dun na natulog sa tinitirahan po naming hanggang sa nagkaskit po xa lagi ko po xa pinadadalahan ng gamot at pagkain kaya LNG po sav nya itatapon DW po nya yung pag kain, tpos po pag punta nya po sa bhy ng kapatd ko nag dadabog x sv nya gutom n gutom n DW po x sv ko po bkt kc Hindi mo kinakain yung pgkain na pinadadala ko Sabay binato po nya kung cp nya,page dating po ng hapon naipaospital po namin x kc po suka n po x ng suka ng kulay green ng likido dinala po x ng tatay ko sa hospital pag galing po nya inuwi po ng tatay ko saming mag INA sav po ng tatay ko s kanya aanak mag pa galing ka na ng lubusan at ng maasikaso mo ang asawa at anak mo n kaaanak anak LNG ktpos po nun gabi po nun enag iba na x inuuntog na po nya yung ulo nya sa papag natatakot na po ako pati hipag ko kc bkt DW po inuuntog ng asawa ko yung ulo nya Bka DW po biglang na lamang Managa kc po wala na po xng tigl mag untog ng ulo sa papag ang ginawa ko po pinuntahan ko po x nasampal ko po x kasi po kht svhin ko na tumigil na ayw prin po tumigil nung masampal ko na po xa para pong nataohan sav ko po s knya bkt mo inuuntog ulo mo sa papag sav po nya may bumubulong DW po s kanya n saktan ako at sabi po nya skin tagain ko na dw po x, para dw po mamatay na x.lumod pa po ako s kanya para lang po mag bago x katpos po ng nangyari un nag IbA na po ugali nya madalas din po x nag sisilos s pamilya ko po at sa tatay ko po .natatakot po ako na maulit pa po yung ginawa nya at na tatakot dn po ako na Baka Hindi lang po yun ang gawin nya ang masakit po kasi kung kilan kaaanak ko lang po e nag ka ganun x halos madeprest po ako …sinabi ko po sa kanya na umuwi n po muna x sa kanila umuwi din namn po x s kanila .isang taon din po x na nag papadala ng pera katpos po nun Hindi n rn po x nag padala hanggang ngayon po gusto ko po sana na ma annul n po ako Hindi ko narin naman po x mahal at ang gusto ko po ngayon makapg trabaho para s anak ko po at ang gamit ko po na apilyedo ngayon ay nung pagkadalaga ko po hindi ko pa po nagagamit ang apilyedo nya po.gusto ko po sana n maannul na po ako para di ko na po baguhin ang mga papeles ko po at saka hiwalay narin naman po kami at ayaw ko narin pong makisama s kanya,ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin para ma annul.po ako sana po ay matulungan nyo po ako maraming salamat po

  11. Hans

    Hi I am in the process of registration/ annotation of my marriage contract the NSO ask for Notice of Exemption which should be issued by LCR where my marriage registered but the LCR does not about it. I just want to ask what is this Notice of Exemption? Thanks

  12. Joper

    Hi attorney.

    Simula ng kinasal kami..hindi po kami nagsama hangang ngayun dahil umalis po sya patungong america 2 araw bago kami kinasal.9 na taon na po ang nakaraan ng kinasal kami at kasalukuyang may kinakasama na po sya. Ang documento po nya ay single dahil di naman po nya pinabago sa america ang kanyang status..ang tanong ko po,dahil po sya ay single at american citizen naman sya at d sya saklaw ng batas ng pilipinas..ako po ba ay pweding mag pakasal na?

    Maraming salamat po at nawa ay pagpalain po kayo ng maykapal.

  13. Alma

    Good evening, Sir.
    My husband & I were already separated over 2 years now. We married on 2005. And separated on 2014 because of misunderstanding. We have 3 kids and they are with me. I am a single parent. For 2 years of separation, my husband didn’t give any financial support. We have no communications already. I want an annulment. What are the things that I need to do so that I can get financial support from him? I’m planning to file an annulment, too.
    Thank you and more power.

  14. advice


    gusto ko lng po ask kung possible po b ang anullment tpos no appearance.

    gusto ko po magpa annull and malipat yung apelyido ng anak ko saken.

  15. fe

    I want to file a car loan and recently have an annulment case filed in court. Will it be considered as conjugal property between me and my husband once my marriage approved the annulment?


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