Bar Exams – the Agony of waiting for the results

The examination for admission to the Philippine Bar (the Bar refers to the aggregation of all lawyers in the Philippines) is one of the most, if not THE most, difficult Philippine licensure exams. Some even say that it’s the most difficult bar exam in the world, primarily because it’s an essay-type exam (there’s already a proposal to adopt objective multiply-choice questions for 30%-40% of the total number of questions).

This year, 6,344 law graduates from 100 Philippine law schools took the 100-year-old plus Bar exams. The 2006 Bar exams is not much different from the previous ones: four pressure-packed Sundays of September to cover eight subjects, sleepless nights of intense review, physical suffering, mental anguish, fright, serious anxiety and mental shock (which ordinarily are the components of moral damages). If there’s one word that sums it all up, it’s “torture”

Now that the 2006 Bar exams are over and as the day of the release of the results approaches, the mental torture is going to get worse. Someone, most probably an examinee, left a comment at the other site, asking how to cope with the stress of waiting for the results. There’s really no formula, although here’s what I did:

1. Work. A few days after the bar exams, I started working as an associate in a law firm. It’s a common knowledge that the newest associate dwells at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak, and anyone up the ladder gives you work. You’ll forget the Bar exams in due time – until your boss and peers tell you about “rumors” that the results will out early (it’s usually released during the first quarter of the year).

2. Forget your answers. Some examinees go to great lengths discussing answers with classmates. It’s a useless exercise, as confirmation is achieved only when the results are out. You can get your exam booklet from the Supreme Court, although I didn’t get mine.

3. Remember that it’s out of your hands. The moment you submitted your exam booklet, nothing else could be done to affect the results. Stop worrying because, as stated in that famous article (or song), “worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum”. Stop worrying.

4. Pray. This prayer worked for me: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” It still works for me now. (This is also posted at the Bar Exams forum)

Anyway, the highest bar exams passing rate was in 1981 – a sensational 43%. Here’s a quick look at the results of the more recent bar exams:

2005 results: out of 5,610 examinees, 1,526 passed (27.2% passing rate). UPLaw was No. 1.

2004 results: out of the 5,249 examinees, 1,659 passed (31.61%). U.P. topped the exams.

2003 results: out of the 5,349 examinees who took the exams, 1,108 passed (20.71%). Ateneo topped it that year.

2002 results: out of 4,659 examinees, 917 passed (19.68%). UST topped it.

2001 results: out of 3,849 examinees, 1,266 passed (32.89%). UP was No. 1.

2000 results: out of 4,698 examinees, 979 passed (20.84%). Still U.P.

1999 results: out of 3,978 who completed the examinations, 660 passed (16.59%). U.P. and Ateneo de Davao shared No. 1.

Update (21 March 2007): I was pleasantly surprised to see an increase in hits in the previous post on the agony of waiting, which is probably because of the persistent “rumor” that the 2006 bar exams result will be released tomorrow, 22 March 2007. But, guys, relax (if that’s possible). Take this week to get some rest. Go to a retreat. Continue working. Get a vacation. My crystal ball says that the results won’t be released this week. My crystal ball also favors odd (as opposed to “even”) dates next week. Maybe my crystal ball will be kind enough to give updates. Read more discussions and updates here.

Update (28 March 2007): The blog atty-at-work, where the discussions and updates on the 2006 bar exams are being posted, wasn’t able to accomodate the heavy traffic. Hopefully, it will be up and running soon. Updates will also be posted here from now on in case the other site conks out again. Here are the more recent updates in that site:

Update (24 March 2007): I believe everybody knows about the petition of Satur Ocampo pending with the Supreme Court, although not everybody knows that it’s scheduled for oral arguments on March 30. The SC will have its hands full, so to speak, and will get less time to tackle the bar results prior to that date. So, according to my crystal ball, our future lawyers have to extend their period of “reflection” until April 2-4. (By the way, thanks to Mish for the splendid performance of our free server. I hope it continues that way so we can continue providing updates.)

Update (27 March 2007): I’m thinking not to call this an “update”, because there’s nothing “new” to say. Anyway, my crystal ball is not saying anything. This means that the last update still holds true.

Update (28 March 2007): C’mon, folks, it’s not gonna be tomorrow, and it’s not gonna be Friday. J-Day is next week. If I’m wrong, then I have to make dagok my crystal ball =) Is 3 a good number?

Update (2 April 2007): I was hesitant to write anything yesterday, April Fools’ day, especially when what I had to say is something important – the bar results will be released tomorrow, 3 April 2007. I noticed that so many future lawyers (their friends and loved ones included) had swamped my Atty-at-Work site, causing it to become unavailable. So, in order for our friends to have another venue to express their colorful emotions (and ease the traffic at the other site), I’m temporarily disabling the registration requirement here so that anyone may release pent-up emotions and post their comments.

Update: It’s official – the SC says that the results will be released tomorrow, April 3.

Update (3 April 2007): Folks, relax, there’s still a few hours before the release, most probably around 6 p.m. By then, you’ll know that the passing rate is only 30-point-something-percent. God bless and good luck.

Congratulations to our new lawyers!


1. Noel Malimban – 87.6% (University of the Cordilleras)
2. Debora Acosta – (University of the Philippines)
2. Ricardo Pilares III – 87.4% (Ateneo de Manila University)
3. Erika Jimenez – 86.6% (Ateneo de Manila University)
4. Maria Teresa Carlos – 86.1% (Ateneo de Manila University)
5. Gina Rubio – 85.75% (Far Eastern University)
6. Ann Julie Tan – 85.70% (Dr. Vicente Orestes Romualdez Educational Center)
7. Karen Gaviola – 85.68% (University of San Carlos);
8. Al Shawid Ishmael – 85.65% (University of Cebu);
9. Timothy Mendoza – 85.55% (University of the Philippines)
10. Alain Deloso – 85.05% (University of the Philippines)
Here’s the complete list:

1. ABAD, Aileen G.
2. ABAD, Blessilda B.
3. ABAN, Noel A.
4. ABANG, Raul E.
5. ABANIA, Niña Maria DG.
6. ABANTE, JR., Joseph S.
7. ABARENTOS, Maricel P.
8. ABAS, Joanne Sharon C.
9. ABAYA, Joseph A.
10. ABBAS, Osop MP.
11. ABDON, Frank John S.
12. ABELGAS-GUJILDE, Anna Fleur C.
13. ABELLA, Bernadine M.
14. ABELLA, Edsel C.
15. ABELLA, Gerrmai C.
16. ABELLO, Karoline J.
17. ABENASA, Jean Ross L.
18. ABENES, JR., Servillano A.
19. ABILLAR, Adelio B.
20. ABLAZA, Carmela A.
21. ACASIO, Cyril Patrick P.
22. ACDA, Roberto I.
23. ACEBEDO, II, Ruben P.
24. ACOSTA, Abraham Rey M.
25. ACOSTA, Analiza L.
26. ACOSTA, Deborah S.
27. ACOSTA, Ryan Alvin R.
28. ACOYMO, Mark C.
29. ADDOG, Atanacio D.
30. ADIA, Marivic M.
31. ADIL, JR., Abdul Hafiz T.
32. ADLAWAN, Edward A.
33. ADVIENTO, Lorna Chloe E.
34. ADVINCULA, Genebeth A.
35. AFRICA, Dion Rex A.
36. AGAZON, Marian B.
37. AGBAYANI, Charisma M.
38. AGCAOILI, Louella Marie R.
39. AGGALOT, Cesario A.
40. AGLIPAY, Emmeline Y.
41. AGTON, III, Roque I.
42. AGUDA, Jhon M.
43. AGUILAR, Elena R.
44. AGUILAR, JR., Salvador B.
45. AGUIO, Geroncio R.
46. AGUIPO, Sylvia A.
47. AGUIRRE, Joel David G.
48. AGUIRRE, Linda Mae C.
49. AGUIRRE, Reah M.
50. AGUSTIN, Bon Vincent A.
51. AGUSTIN, Ferdinand M.
52. AGUSTIN, Terrence V.
53. ALABAN, Caryl C.
54. ALANSIGAN, Danilo O.
55. ALARCON, Jose Raymundo Macedon C.
56. ALAS, Joan Francis S.
57. ALAUYA-ALA, Arifa M.
58. ALAYON, Stanley F.
59. ALBANO, III, Ed Vincent A.
60. ALBEOS, III, Philip A.
61. ALBOROTE, Mayla O.
62. ALCANTARA, Allan Roy P.
63. ALCANTARA, Robert P.
64. ALCASID, Mary Grace M.
65. ALCOBILLA, Jonathan D.
66. ALCONGA, Hazel L.
67. ALDABA, Archimedes A.
68. ALDE, Judaline L.
69. ALEDO, Rhodifi L.
70. ALEGRE, Aldwin F.
71. ALEGRE, Garny Luisa S.
72. ALEGRE, JR., Alfredo G.
73. ALEGRIA, Alona V.
74. ALFECHE, Maria Concepcion S.
75. ALFONSO, Edward I.
76. ALHAMBRA-OZO, Joan Marivic F.
77. ALI, Abdul Gaffar R.
78. ALISTADO, Richelle P.
79. ALIVIO, Eric M.
80. ALLON, John Paul S.
81. ALMAJEDA, JR., Arturo B.
82. ALMIRANTE, Carlo Antonio B.
83. ALPUERTO, Juan E.
84. ALTAMIRA-LEYBLE, Carmencita V.
85. ALTARES, Bunrofil C.
86. ALVAERA, Khristian B.
87. ALVARADO, Annie Rose D.
88. ALVIOLA, Xavier N.
89. AMARANTO, Emilio D.
90. AMBAL, JR., Olympio B.
91. AMI, Rex R.
92. AMINO, Anthony A.
93. AMORES, Jaress A.
94. AMPARO, David Michael C.
95. ANCLA, Carlo D.
96. ANDARINO, Reo S.
97. ANDE, Genevieve D.
98. ANDRADA, Allan Joseph B.
99. ANDRADA, Rogerine T.
100. ANDRADE, Cecilynne R.
101. ANENIAS, Lida V.
102. ANG, Jennifer P.
103. ANG, Philip U.
104. ANG, Rea Lynn V.
105. ANGELES, Dorotheo Niño T.
106. ANGELES, Joseph S.
107. ANIRE, Normando B.
108. ANNANG, Heather Ezra C.
109. ANNIBAN, Costa Joy G.
110. ANOL, Danilo B.
111. ANOTADO, George Henry D.
112. ANTAY, Noel V.
113. ANTOLIN, Glenda V.
114. ANTONINO, Gloria Era H.
115. ANTONIO, Christine V.
116. ANTONIO, Ma. Athena Victoria F.
117. ANTONIO, Roman A.
118. APAO, Cyril B.
119. APOSTOL, Felomina F.
120. APOYA, JR., Dionisio B.
121. AQUILER, JR., Jose P.
122. AQUINO, Czareanah DG.
123. AQUINO, Dianne Ruth B.
124. AQUINO, Erwin N.
125. AQUINO, Gerald Guttrie P.
126. AQUINO, Rainald C.
127. AQUINO, JR., Calixto L.
128. AQUITANIA, Julie Marie M.
129. ARAGON, Phanie Rose S.
130. ARANAS, Jay Lyndo R.
131. ARANAS, Michael Luciano P.
132. ARANGCON, Louella D.
133. ARBAS, Joe Kenneth K.
134. ARBOLEDA, Monica L.
135. ARBON, Gilbert R.
136. ARBON, Ophelia R.
137. ARCA, Julius B.
138. ARCAYOS, Leah Mae P.
139. ARCELO, Maria Christie L.
140. ARCIAGA, Carol R.
141. ARCINUE, Joel Raymond R.
142. ARDEMIL, Jeanette C.
143. ARELLANO, Joel B.
144. ARELLANO, Roy Allan T.
145. ARGONZA, Estalker A.
146. ARIDIDON, JR., Edgar T.
147. ARIMADO, Wynlyn LL.
148. ARJONA, Lani M.
149. ARMAMENTO, Glenn Paul D.
150. ARMAS, Jose Paolo C.
151. ARNAIZ, III, Restituto L.
152. ASADON, Maridel C.
153. ASDAON, Timhar M.
154. ASIDDAO, Heherson M.
155. ASIS, Roselle L.
156. ASJALI, Fatima H.
157. ASOY, Filipina S.
158. ASTRERO, JR., Romeo G.
159. ASUETA, Wilson C.
160. ASUNCION, Maricel Lilled R.
161. ASUNCION, Rommel B.
162. ATAL, Lori Ann D.
163. ATAYDE, JR., Ricardo R.
164. ATIENZA, Roland Ysrael R.
165. ATILANO, Lynette P.
166. AURE, Myra Belle L.
167. AURE, JR., Adolfo P.
168. AUSTRIA, Paul Vincent V.
169. AVANZADO, Madeleine Udelle Vashti G.
170. AVELLANO, Cherry May P.
171. AVENIDA, Robenson D.
172. AVILA, Fritz Ritchie N.
173. AVILA, JR., Anatolio N.
174. AVILLANOSA, Walter P.
175. AZCUETA, Allan Julius B.
176. AZNAR, Olivier D.
177. AÑONUEVO, Hannah S.
178. BABALCON, Eunice U.
179. BABAN, Fritzie E.
180. BACCAY-PARUNGAO, Grace Kelly L.
181. BACTAD, Joseph Jonathan A.
182. BACTOL, Mary Grace N.
183. BACUD, Grace Bennet B.
184. BADONGEN, Yones B.
185. BAGACAY, JR., Lucerio A.
186. BAGARES, Arthur C.
187. BAGUILAT, Karol Sarah P.
188. BALA, Dinah Rose C.
189. BALALLO, Rhodelia O.
190. BALANO, April Joy P.
191. BALATBAT, Eleonor A.
192. BALBALAN, JR., Alberto R.
193. BALBOA, Jennifer A.
194. BALBOA, Mary Jean C.
195. BALCITA, Karen T.
196. BALDADO, Elmer W.
197. BALDONADO, Jerome Aristotle G.
198. BALDORIA, Fritz-erich J.
199. BALDOS, Graciella Marie D.
200. BALDOS, Katherine Ann C.
201. BALDUEZA, Richard Leo M.
202. BALEÑA, Cecilio I.
203. BALIGAT, Jenelyn C.
204. BALISI, Abigail F.
205. BALITON, Marita Fe C.
206. BALLARES, JR., Regalado A.
207. BALLERAS, Jenifer B.
208. BALLESTEROS, Ladylyne M.
209. BALMORES, Jeffrey R.
210. BALTAZAR, JR., Vicente E.
211. BALTONADO, Carmela M.
212. BALUCOS, Danilo A.
213. BALUYOT, Glori Joy S.
214. BAMBALAN, Marilyn S.
215. BANDA, JR., Elium L.
216. BANDAL, Maria Teresa S.
217. BANDALA, Dominiciana J.
218. BANIQUED, Ian Dennis R.
219. BANTIDING, Lawrence D.
220. BANTIYAN, Jerome B.
221. BANZON, Gerentstein T.
222. BANZUELA, Jasmin Cecilia V.
223. BARBOZA, Terry Joy P.
224. BARREDO, Marianne Evangeline C.
225. BARRIGA, Gladys May N.
226. BARRIOS, Elvin Keith F.
227. BARRIOS, Ma. Lourdes V.
228. BARROGA, Russel A.
229. BARROQUILLO, Junitte Rose F.
230. BARROSO, Julius Michael G.
231. BARRUN, Jessica A.
232. BASABAS, Windel A.
233. BASALO, Dorothea S.
234. BASILIO, Noreen T.
235. BATBATAN, Ramier G.
236. BATOY, Ludybeth B.
237. BATUA, Asnaira M.
238. BATUNGBACAL, JR., Jose E.
239. BAUSON, Maria Theresa B.
240. BAUTISTA, Christian Peter C.
241. BAUTISTA, Coleen D.
242. BAUTISTA, Dean Voltaire A.
243. BAUTISTA, Divina L.
244. BAUTISTA, Eden C.
245. BAUTISTA, Gladys G.
246. BAUTISTA, Lorelei S.
247. BAUTISTA, Rosalia A.
248. BAUTISTA, IV, Romeo G.
249. BAYLON, Paul Khristan J.
250. BAYLOSIS, Oliver E.
251. BAYOT, Helen A.
252. BAYQUEN, Mark Anthony C.
253. BAZAR, Rechell S.
254. BAÑOC, Ruphil F.
255. BEATISOLA, Jerome C.
256. BEDAR, Alvin Renald A.
257. BELARMINO, Alvin C.
258. BELISON, Emmelyn F.
259. BELLEZA, Joseph L.
260. BELLEZA, Richmond Rei R.
261. BELLO, Karlo S.
262. BELLO, Vanessa J.
263. BELMONTE, Russell D.
264. BELTRAN, Carlos Rolando N.
265. BELUAN, Yuri M.
266. BELZA, Lovette Joi O.
267. BENAVIDEZ, Benjo Santos M.
268. BENDANILLO, Emmylou D.
269. BENEDICTO, Roberto Manuel T.
270. BENOSA, Marjorie E.
271. BERBANO, Ria Corazon H.
272. BERGADO, Ryner G.
273. BERIONES, Beben C.
274. BERNABE, Mary Jean R.
275. BERNAL, Len John R.
276. BESANA, Ian Thomas M.
277. BESID, Ryan R.
278. BEUP, Ma. Salvacion Portia M.
279. BIASON, Marc Raymond B.
280. BIGAYAN, Lorenzo E.
281. BINAG, Augustus Cezar C.
282. BIO, Christine F.
283. BIROSEL, Valarie O.
284. BIRUAR, Bai Ashrafia Aymee A.
285. BISOC, Bernadeth R.
286. BOLINA, Joan G.
287. BOLOS, Marieta C.
288. BOLUS-ROMERO, Jaarmy G.
289. BOMA, Joseph Anthony F.
290. BOMEDIANO, Romeo Julius S.
291. BOMOWEY-SALUPEN, Mary Jane T.
292. BONDOC, Nicholas F.
293. BONGANCISO, Talan L.
294. BONGAYON, Zane Mark D.
295. BONGNGAT, Gelacio D.
296. BORJA, Kathy Blanche J.
297. BORJA, Louie A.
298. BORNILLA, Jorel C.
299. BRILLANTES, Ronald L.
300. BRIONES, Alta Grace N.
301. BRIONES, Maria Exequiela C.
302. BRONDIAL, JR., Henedino P.
303. BUALAT, Madison B.
304. BUAN, Jennifer D.
305. BUDAO, Charmaine M.
306. BUENO, Francia Felipa D.
307. BULADO, Gandih Jim R.
308. BULANON, Christine V.
309. BULAONG, Noel A.
310. BULAYUNGAN, Raldis Andrei A.
311. BUMATAY, Ruel M.
312. BUNDANG, Susan B.
313. BUNNOL, Eillen J.
314. BUNQUIN, Edelberto C.
315. BURAHIM, Alnie A.
316. BUSTAMANTE, Maria Katerina G.
317. BUYUCAN, Ivan B.
318. CABACUNGAN, JR., Torenio C.
319. CABAHUG, Gizelle Lou M.
320. CABAL, Kevin C.
321. CABALLERO, Arnold Flores
322. CABALLES, Mel Ryan B.
323. CABARLES, JR., Sotero T.
324. CABASIS, Rowena C.
325. CABAÑEZ, Juno C.
326. CABBAT, Elmer N.
327. CABELIN, Christopher B.
328. CABIGUIN, Gioanes Ayza M.
329. CABILAO, John Paul R.
330. CABILDO, JR., Marcelo C.
331. CABOBOY, JR., Bonifacio G.
332. CABRAS, Leilanie Bernadette C.
333. CABRERA, Angelo M.
334. CABRERA, Celia Cristina Rosario L.
335. CABRERA, Christian B.
336. CABRILLOS, Jesse P.
337. CABUÑAG, Noel B.
338. CACACHO, Milagros F.
339. CADAG, Charo Z.
340. CADIGAL, JR., Genaro C.
341. CAGARA, Rico R.
342. CAGAS, Jake L.
343. CAGATIN, Leonard V.
344. CAGUIAO, Anthony R.
345. CAGULADA, Jan Michael B.
346. CAHARIAN, Thomas Kristino B.
347. CAHIG, JR., Avito C.
348. CAINTIC, Liza T.
349. CAJES, JR., Nestor E.
350. CAJILOG, Ray C.
351. CALADES, JR., Jesus P.
352. CALAMBA, Hazel B.
353. CALAUAD, Irving A.
354. CALDE, Relen L.
355. CALDERON, Janet Evangeline M.
356. CALDINO, Cherryl A.
357. CALIBO, Christian Gold M.
358. CALILAO, Juliette C.
359. CALIMAG, Ferdinand A.
360. CALIPES, Joan S.
361. CALO, Cherish S.
362. CALUD, Juancho P.
363. CALULO, Sherry Anne C.
364. CALUNSAG, Joyce Revelation P.
365. CALUYO, Emmanuel S.
366. CAMANAY, Ross R.
367. CAMANGEG, Michael E.
368. CAMARAUAN, Sheila T.
369. CAMARILLO, Rommelo C.
370. CAMITAN, Samantha P.
371. CAMORRO, Roel O.
372. CAMUA, Maria Cristina L.
373. CANDELARIO, Janalle A.
374. CANG, Ivan G.
375. CANILLAS-DULFO, Nellie S.
376. CANO, Archimedes G.
377. CANONIZADO, Sonia S.
378. CAPACIO, Jenny Mae A.
379. CAPARAL-LLENA, Ritchel B.
380. CAPPLEMAN, Faith B.
381. CAPULONG, Malaya M.
382. CARAAN, Leilani Grace P.
383. CARAGAN, Katherine S.
384. CARANTO, Joan V.
385. CARBONELL, Jose Mari F.
386. CARDENAS, Paola Mikaella P.
387. CARDINES, Jimmy U.
388. CARDINO, Cathy D.
389. CARLOS, Ana Victoria G.
390. CARLOS, Maria Celeste Q.
391. CARLOS, Maria Charizza B.
392. CARMONA, Edgar N.
393. CARO, Kristina Joyce C.
394. CARRASCO-MUSTARD, Mary Grace P.
395. CASAS, JR., Floro Q.
396. CASIW, Bryant G.
397. CASTAÑEDA, Garth F.
398. CASTAÑEDA, Sherwin Prose C.
399. CASTIGADOR, Andre B.
400. CASTILLO, Earl Warren B.
401. CASTILLO, Kathrina R.
402. CASTILLO, Randolf C.
403. CASTILLO, Sharon M.
404. CASTRO, Dervin V.
405. CASTRO, Jonas T.
406. CASTRO, Ma. Czarina D.
407. CASTRO, Roel Vincent G.
408. CASTRO, Roxanne Lee I.
409. CATAQUIZ, Ralph Michael D.
410. CAUILAN, Robert Francis D.
411. CAUREL, Mary Jil P.
412. CAYANAN, Maria Amalia T.
413. CAYTON, Timothy Joseph E.
414. CEDO, III, Avelino G.
415. CEDRO, Ramon Andre F.
416. CELESTIAL, Janice H.
417. CEMBRANO, Marie Sherwin T.
418. CEMINE, Nilda J.
419. CENIT, Sheila C.
420. CERDAN, Teodora S.
421. CHAMEN, Paula Hope P.
422. CHAN, Merly A.
423. CHANG, Julie Ann V.
424. CHAVEZ, Christian M.
425. CHAVEZ, Ma. Eloiza T.
426. CHAVEZ-ESPAÑA, Glocyphine A.
427. CHAVEZ-IZON, Pamela T.
428. CHING-SALES, Isabelita G.
429. CHOA, Charisse Jen S.
430. CHONG, Angeline L.
431. CHUA, Ainee L.
432. CHUA, Anna Karenina R.
433. CHUA, Francis L.
434. CHUA, Irving N.
435. CHUA, Zebedee U.
436. CHUNG, Perfecto M.
437. CHUYACO, III, Primo O.
438. CIMAFRANCA, Nicole Marie L.
440. CINCO, Josefina C.
441. CLACITO, Ceasar J.
442. CLARIDADES, Alvin T.
443. CLASARA, Fernandito T.
444. CLAUDIO, Percival I.
445. CLOMA-LUCERO, Maria Evaneliza T.
446. CO, Aimelita L.
447. CO, Apple Joy R.
448. CO, Marian Joanne K.
449. CO, Philson S.
450. CO, Ronell Y.
451. CODILLA, Ma. Esperanza Christina G.
452. CODILLA, Philip Brian B.
453. COLUMBRES, Michael G.
454. COMETA, Coleen C.
455. COMONAL, Nicomedes T.
456. CONCEPCION, Noel D.
457. CONCEPCION, JR., Edwin A.
458. CONG, Benzon Judd C.
459. CONSOLACION, Armando I.
460. CONTADO, Allan C.
461. CONTADO, Alvin P.
462. COO, Toni Angeli V.
463. CORDERO, Vevelyn M.
464. CORPORAL, Romeo M.
465. CORPUZ, Amibell B.
466. CORPUZ, Anna Mae A.
467. CORPUZ, Rommel L.
468. CORPUZ, JR., Oscar A.
469. CORPUZ-DE GUZMAN, Jennifer M.
470. CORTES, Gay Christine C.
471. CORTEZ, Queency S.
472. CORVERA-EMPESO, Leilanie A.
474. CRISOSTOMO, Ali Bang-ar M.
475. CRISOSTOMO, Eric A.
477. CRISTAL, Alona A.
478. CRUDO, Dexter A.
479. CRUZ, Aristeo R.
480. CRUZ, Ben Ferdinand F.
481. CRUZ, Karlo Benito R.
482. CRUZ, Kathrina B.
483. CRUZ, Leah T.
484. CRUZ, Melissa Anne A.
485. CRUZ, Peachy T.
486. CRUZ, Ramona Liza M.
487. CUA, Eric Q.
488. CUBILLAN, John T.
489. CUDILLO, Jenalin R.
490. CUETO, Cresencio M.
491. CUEVAS, Joerich M.
492. CUEVAS, May Christina S.
493. CUI, Jayson T.
494. CUISON, Pelagio Lawrence N.
495. CUNANAN, John Darwin Y.
497. CURA, Rubin G.
498. CUÑADA, Gv Eutiquio V.
499. DACALOS, JR., Rodulfo D.
500. DACANAY, Denise A.
501. DACUYAN, Kristine T.
502. DADULA, Andrew D.
503. DAGA, Jonathan T.
504. DAGUIMOL, Romel P.
505. DAING, Elixir Love R.
506. DALAYON, Stanley O.
507. DATLAG, Abegail B.
508. DAUZ, Michael P.
509. DAVIDE, Nigel Keith B.
510. DAZA, Laudemer J.
511. DE ALBAN, Angelo C.
512. DE GUIA, Maria Patricia Katrina H.
513. DE JOYA, Sherwin C.
514. DE PANO, Amylex Marie R.
515. DE VERA, Fidel C.
516. DE ASA, Napoleon A.
517. DE CASTRO, Editha Soledad C.
518. DE CASTRO, Jean Jacquelyn Nathania A..
519. DE CASTRO, Juan Arturo Iluminado C.
520. DE CASTRO, Katrina G.
522. DE GUIA, Jacqueline Ann C.
523. DE GUZMAN, Bernadette P.
524. DE GUZMAN, Exequiel M.
525. DE GUZMAN, JR., Rolando A.
526. DE JESUS, Daniel T.
527. DE JESUS, Princess Ann T.
528. DE LA CRUZ, Buenas Aires Celi C.
529. DE LA CRUZ, Gemma Armi M.
530. DE LA CRUZ, Marion Ivy O.
531. DE LA CRUZ, Paul Milben E.
532. DE LA PEÑA, Luningning A.
533. DE LA VICTORIA, JR., Alfonso F.
534. DE LEON, Enrico L.
535. DE LEON, Robert D.
536. DE LOS SANTOS, Lyndon F.
537. DE LUNA, Emma C.
538. DE MANUEL, JR., Rene D.
539. DE MIRA, Gilbert P.
540. DE SAGUN, Jeenice H.
541. DE VERA, Fernando M.
542. DE VERA, Frederick F.
543. DE VERA, JR., Leopoldo C.
544. DEFENSOR, John Michael T.
545. DEL RIO, Connie G.
547. DEL CASTILLO, Ma. Corazon U.
548. DEL CASTILLO, JR., Franklin C.
549. DEL MUNDO, Rodhelyn T.
550. DEL ROSARIO, Vicente Eugenio B.
551. DEL ROSARIO, JR., Francisco Xavier A.
552. DEL VAL, Antonio O.
553. DELA CERNA, Divina Gracia P.
554. DELA CRUZ, Aderis M.
555. DELA CRUZ, Jesus M.
556. DELA CRUZ, Jo Anne N.
557. DELA CRUZ, Maria Luisa L.
558. DELA CRUZ, Percyveranda A.
559. DELA CRUZ, Rodolf John G.
560. DELA CRUZ, Ruledo D.
561. DELA CRUZ, Seter M.
562. DELA CRUZ, Teddy G.
563. DELA CRUZ, JR., Ponciano V.
564. DELA PEÑA, Jasville A.
565. DELA VEGA, Michael G.
566. DELANTAR, Elsie S.
567. DELAS ARMAS, Nova SJ.
568. DELDO, Ryan V.
569. DELES, Aureen M.
570. DELLORO, Alder K.
571. DELLOSA, Joeven D.
572. DELOS SANTOS, III, Fabian K.
573. DELOSO, Maria Sheila F.
574. DEMAISIP, Christiene Salve A.
575. DEMANO, Jeffrey M.
576. DENAQUE, Jonah E.
577. DENSING, JR., Prudencio B.
578. DERAY, Hector A.
579. DESABELLE, Maria Beryl L.
580. DESIERTO, Maria Theresa E.
581. DESTAJO, Dexter B.
582. DIAMPOC, Ryan Anthony P.
583. DIAZ, Mariluz O.
584. DIAZ, Rachelle M.
585. DIAZ, Zigfred M.
586. DICEN-TAGLE, Fe Marie D.
587. DIHAYCO, Johannis Y.
588. DIMAANO, Olivia Rosita S.
589. DIMAANO, Roy V.
590. DIMARUCOT, Amy Linda C.
591. DIN, Angela Francesca M.
592. DIONISIO, JR., Mario T.
593. DIRAMPATEN, Cashmer G.
594. DISOCOR, Hariz Jabbar P.
595. DITAN, Nelson C.
596. DIUMANO, Nadia S.
597. DIVINAGRACIA, Roberto F.
598. DIZON, Cyd Charisse N.
599. DIZON, Dexter Donne B.
600. DIZON, Mae Simonette M.
601. DIÑO, Ferdinand I.
602. DIÑO, Mary Joyce C.
603. DOCTOR, Ronda T.
604. DOLIGOSA, Louie L.
605. DOLINA, Charisse P.
606. DOLINA, Paul Florian P.
607. DOLLER, Christine D.
608. DOLOR, Sheryl Gaye V.
609. DOLOT, Lemuel D.
610. DOMINGO, Brandon C.
611. DONES, Wren Christopher R.
612. DORIA, Hercules R.
613. DOROTAN, Maria Luwalhati C.
614. DRIZ-AZCARRAGA, Maribel M.
615. DUBLIN, Josefina E.
616. DUCLAYAN, Jeng R.
617. DUEÑAS, Mabelle O.
618. DUEÑAS, Michelle G.
619. DUGAS, Shannon Mahal M.
620. DUGAY, Mary Grace P.
621. DUGAYON, Venus G.
622. DULINAYAN, Karina P.
623. DULNUAN, Gloria Rose D.
624. DUMAGAN,III, Rosario Ninfa G.
625. DUMANCAS, Sarah Jane P.
626. DUMBRIGUE, JR., Vicente C.
627. DUMLAO, III, Rafael P.
628. DUPIO, JR., Lino D.
629. DUQUE, Donna C.
630. DUQUE, Edsel A.
631. DURAN, Mary Wendy A.
632. DURAY, Ariel J.
633. DUYA, Anselma J.
634. DY, Khristine C.
635. DY CHUA, Warren Y.
636. DY-TEVES, Christine O.
637. EBOL, Marie Jade S.
638. EDDIVA, Michael P.
639. EDNACO, Marissa L.
640. EDRALIN, Nelson D.
641. EGSAN, Rebecca G.
642. ELEMEN, Kathryn T.
643. ELISEO-FANGKI, Maritess A.
644. EMPACES, Joe Vinson M.
645. EMPENSANDO, Agnes C.
646. EMPERADOR, Dexter Harold E.
647. ENAGE, Dylan A.
648. ENAJE, Patrick E.
649. ENCABO, Vanessa P.
650. ENDAYA, Marrah Joy R.
651. ENERAN, Norlito A.
652. ENERIO, Arthur Raymund A.
653. ENGLIS, Elson C.
654. ENGRACIAL, Beniluz E.
655. ENRIQUEZ, Edizer A.
656. ENRIQUEZ, Leah M.
657. ENRIQUEZ, Raquel C.
658. ENTE, Eleonor S.
659. ERGUIZA, Evalyn C.
660. ERUM, Michelle Ann G.
661. ESCALANTE, Salvador P.
662. ESCALONA, James Orven S.
663. ESCLAMADO, Dalisay P.
664. ESCOTO, Peter N.
665. ESCOTO, Shiena R.
666. ESCUDERO, III, Krunimar Antonio D.
667. ESCUDERO-GARCIA, Avegaile B.
668. ESGUERRA, Glessy G.
669. ESLAO, JR., Jose L.
670. ESPEJO, Sweet Ivy G.
671. ESPERA, Christopher M.
672. ESPINA, Ria Lidia G.
673. ESPINO, Anton Carlo E.
674. ESPINO, Kira M.
675. ESPINOSA, Christie D.
676. ESPINOSA, Ma. Cristina A.
677. ESPIRITU, Amraphel A.
678. ESPIRITU, Rudilicia P.
679. ESPIRITU, Ryan N.
680. ESTABILLO, Marlon A.
681. ESTEBAN, Laurice P.
682. ESTELLA, Czareem U.
683. ESTEPA, Mark Roland S.
684. ESTEVEZ, Ryan L.
685. ESTIL, Neil Antonio R.
686. ESTILLORE, Eva L.
687. ESTOESTA, Ma. Cecilia A.
688. ESTRADA, Burt M.
689. ESTRADA, Jhonelle S.
690. EVANGELISTA, JR., Romeo A.
691. EVASCO, Grace K.
692. EXCONDE, Kosen D.
693. FABIAN, Mildred A.
694. FABRO, III, German M.
695. FACTORAN, Twinkle C.
696. FAJARDO, Christian Joseph Marie F.
697. FAJARDO, Joselito G.
698. FAJARDO, Nancy B.
699. FAJARDO, JR., Danilo B.
700. FALCON, Banuar Reuben A.
701. FALLARME, III, Antonino M.
702. FARINAS, John Allen A.
703. FAYPON, Jeffrey S.
704. FELICEN, Jaime A.
705. FELIPE, John John P.
706. FELIX, John B.
707. FERNANDEZ, Adrian C.
708. FERNANDEZ, Brian Aldous L.
709. FERNANDEZ, Christian Allan Q.
710. FERNANDEZ, James Christopher T.
711. FERNANDEZ, Karina Angela E.
712. FERNANDEZ, Lowell P.
713. FERNANDEZ, Vic Byron T.
714. FERNANDEZ, Wenceslao Christian B.
715. FEROLINO, Aimee P.
716. FERRER, Kristine A.
717. FERRER, Maria Rhodora M.
718. FERRER, Shereal M.
719. FERRERAS, Cinderella F.
720. FERRY, Jean Arlene G.
721. FETIZANAN, Lowell John J.
722. FILGUERAS, Ryan V.
723. FILOG, Consuelo F.
724. FLORENTINO, Jonathan E.
725. FLORES, Alexander G.
726. FLORES-DANAO, Susan M.
727. FOJA-GALICIA, Selca M.
728. FOLLANTE, Eugene P.
729. FOLLOSCO, Virgilio R.
730. FORTEZA, Aileen T.
731. FORTEZA, Alfredito E.
732. FRANCIA, Obette R.
733. FRANCISCO, Hiyas M.
734. FRANCISCO, Ludivina G.
735. FRANCISCO, Maria Noeli V.
736. FRANCO, Maria Katrina C.
737. FREGILLANA, III, Domingo P.
738. FRUELDA, Maria Elizabeth H.
739. FUKAI, III, George S.
740. FULLEROS, Richard M.
741. FUMAR-GONZALES, Vanessa Concepcion A.
742. GABOT-DUMANGENG, June Elva V.
743. GABOY, Catherine S.
744. GABRIEL, Minerva V.
745. GABRIEL-GONZALES, Rosemarie R.
746. GACES, Indira Diosa L.
747. GACETA, Dinah Jane P.
748. GACHO, Xavier F.
749. GADAONI, JR., Romulae R.
750. GADDI, Ma. Clara B.
751. GADIT, JR., David I.
752. GADOS, Fatima O.
753. GAGNI, Ben Julius G.
754. GAGUTE, Firmo G.
755. GALENDEZ, JR., Wenceslao L.
756. GALENZOGA, Rio Mae L.
757. GALERA, Dondanon A.
758. GALGO, JR., Numeriano P.
759. GALIMA, Maria Clarissa M.
760. GALLETO, Rodel D.
761. GALUEGO, Aemos Jonathan A.
762. GALVEZ, Julius Francis R.
763. GAMELLA-BAROLA, Maria Theresa O.
765. GAMO, Mark Hadrian P.
766. GANDAMRA, Majul U.
767. GANOB, Mylene Mae F.
768. GAPIT, Makamasa A.
769. GARACHICO, Marilou R.
770. GARCIA, Bernard Inocentes S.
771. GARCIA, Brendon Jay D.
772. GARCIA, Dominic B.
773. GARCIA, Gezel L.
774. GARCIA, Gisele O.
775. GARCIA, Janette A.
776. GARCIA, Jaysen Amor M.
777. GARCIA, Jocel Grace T.
778. GARCIA, Lenie T.
779. GARCIA, Michael G.
780. GARCIA, Pierre Gil G.
781. GARCIA, Raymond Alvin N.
782. GARCIA, Reverie Pure M.
783. GARCIA, JR., Jacinto C.
784. GARDE, JR., Placido A.
785. GARGALLO, Myrell G.
786. GARGARITA, Carlos Dante U.
787. GARZON, Khaddafy Ferdinand C.
788. GASPAN, Donna Villa M.
789. GASPI, Benjamin G.
790. GAUDIER, Luisito T.
791. GAUGANO, Maria Fe C.
792. GAVIOLA, Karen H.
793. GAYONA, J.b. Roselle G.
794. GELERA, Alex R.
795. GELITO, Caren G.
796. GEMANIL, Jason A.
797. GENILO, Jose Eduardo T.
798. GERALDINO, Douglas V.
799. GEROMO, Lee Oliver U.
800. GERONIMO, Dorothy M.
801. GERONIMO, Joanna V.
802. GEVEROLA, Germelyn Clare P.
803. GILLESANIA, Riolen C.
804. GIMENA, Carlo Vincent E.
805. GINETA, JR., German Gerardo T.
806. GIOLAGON, Alvin G.
807. GIRONELLA, Ma. Cecilia A.
808. GISON, JR., Emmanuel E.
809. GO, Cherrylin N.
810. GO, III, Gonzalo V.
811. GOJAS, Eliezer V.
812. GOMEZ, Alfredo Z.
813. GOMEZ, Giovanni Paul I.
814. GOMEZ, Oscar S.
815. GONZAGA, Ricky G.
816. GONZALES, Charo L.
817. GONZALES, Dan Dyonne Eminiano Q.
818. GONZALES, Geronimo C.
819. GONZALES, Jaclyn B.
820. GONZALES, Norma R.
821. GONZALES, Rizalyn Y.
822. GONZALES, Vincent Elben A.
823. GONZALEZ, Ma. Katrina C.
824. GONZALO, John R.
825. GOTAMCO, Juni H.
826. GRACILLA, Jereen Ng P.
827. GRACILLA, Noel Carlo G.
828. GRANADOS, Sheila Marie C.
830. GRECIA-PASCUAL, Teresa Paz B.
831. GREGORIO, Eddie R.
832. GUBALLA, Karina Kristy R.
833. GUERRERO, Hanzel H.
834. GUERRERO, Michael Vernon M.
835. GUERZON, JR., Benjamin E.
836. GUEVARA, Joyce Marie S.
837. GUHIT, Charlie L.
838. GUIANG, Sean S.
839. GUIAO, June T.
840. GUIBONE, Edgar Adolfo V.
841. GUILLERMO, Jhundee B.
842. GUINTO, Ma. Gina B.
843. GUITERING, Bonifacio M.
844. GUIYAB, Michelle S.
845. GULLON, Candice L.
846. GURO, Agakhan M.
847. GUTIERREZ, Mary Ann Charisma C.
848. GUTIERREZ, Norbert L.
849. GUYGUYON, Gary Dominador B.
850. GUZMAN, Nadine A.
851. HADJAIL, Nurnarda A.
852. HALAGUEÑA, Risa Beatrice R.
853. HALCON, Christine Michelle A.
854. HARAYO, Benison M.
855. HASSAN, Zulaikha B.
856. HASSIMAN, Alnaiza T.
857. HAW TAY, Christina T.
858. HELLO, Mark Anthony L.
859. HEMEDEZ, Randy G.
860. HERMO, JR., John L.
861. HERMOSISIMA, Catherine C.
862. HERMOSO, Cyril Eugene B.
863. HERNANDEZ, Angel Benito C.
864. HERNANDEZ, Cristina B.
865. HERNANDEZ, Jennifer P.
866. HERNANDEZ, Mary Claire M.
867. HERRERA, Christine S.
868. HEYRES, Gibbon G.
869. HEYRES, Nerisa A.
870. HIMPAYAN, Rey C.
871. HIPE, Rudyard S.
872. HIPOLITO, Maria Christina L.
873. HOLSAPPLE, Marites G.
874. HONTANOSAS, Iris O.
875. HORNIDO, Christine A.
876. HORTILLO, Ricci C.
877. HUERTA, Demiteer U.
878. IBAVIOSA, Victoria Ann L.
879. IBERO, Ivan Phillippe G.
880. IBON, Raymond Joseph R.
881. ICO, Blenda G.
882. ICO, Felicidad B.
883. IGLESIAS, Anna Christina R.
884. IGNACIO, Manuel B.
885. IMBONG, Frances Urmyne P.
886. INDUCTIVO, Joy I.
887. INGUITO, Rigie Queen S.
888. INOTURAN, Veronica P.
889. INVENTOR, JR., Pablo M.
890. IREMEDIO, Cynthia D.
891. ISIDRO, Chris Lawrence S.
892. ISMAEL, Al-shwaid L.
893. ISRAEL, Michael Paul B.
894. IWAY, Vanessa L.
895. JACINTO, Ma. Fatima S.
896. JACOB, Karen D.
897. JACOBE, Dionis P.
898. JACOBO, Andre Stephen G.
899. JALA, Adam Relson L.
900. JALAGAT, Jeralyn T.
901. JALMANZAR, Ronald S.
902. JAMER, Dinah Z.
903. JAMERO, Cynthia Y.
904. JAMIR, Chemilou Patricia B.
905. JANEO, Edsel L.
906. JAVIER, Jane T.
907. JAVIER, Jerusale M.
908. JAVIER, Sherile H.
909. JAVIER, Sir Jonas Matias L.
910. JAVIER, Xyrha R.
911. JAVILLONAR, Ma. Anelyn J.
912. JAYMALIN, Glenn V.
913. JIMENEZ, Erika Ana Andrea C.
914. JOLO, Christine Rose L.
915. JOSE, Leila R.
916. JOSON, Kathryn Menelea H.
917. JOVEN, Mark Dennis YC.
918. JOVES, Hazel I.
919. JOYCE, Jason John A.
920. JUAN, Shyanne T.
921. JUANICO, Jhaciel S.
922. JUMAANI, Ryan T.
923. KALLOS, JR., Renato Diosdado C.
924. KANAPI, Henry Benjamin O.
925. KAPUNAN, Lino-chris P.
926. KHO, Arnel P.
927. KINTANAR, Izzy Frevick B.
928. KISER, Edward A.
929. KOKSENG, Kimberly C.
930. LABITAG, Revolette A.
931. LABRADOR-SOLENG, Yvette Christine R.
932. LACANILAO, Maria Leah M.
933. LACAP, Lordelyn L.
934. LADERA, Melanie R.
935. LAGAMON, Alberto R.
936. LAGCAO, Ma. Luningning P.
937. LAGTAPON, Neil Kelly V.
938. LAGUIALAM, Kendatu B.
939. LAGUNA, Ma. Flor G.
941. LAMASON, Liza Lyn S.
942. LAMBINO, Randy P.
943. LAMPARERO, Jose Marie V.
944. LAMUG, Vincent E.
945. LANDERO, Baby Maria Concepcion L.
946. LANGBIS, Clifford S.
947. LANGIT, Anthonie K.
948. LAO, Loren Hallilah I.
949. LAO, Ronald Y.
950. LAO, Rybigail L.
951. LAPPAY, Josephine Alberta P.
952. LARCINA, Franco Aristotle G.
953. LARDIZABAL, Allan Jones F.
954. LARIOS, Katherine L.
955. LARRAZABAL, Jovita DS.
956. LASALA, Eden Crispy B.
957. LASAM, Carlo Paolo G.
958. LASAM, Franco Paolo G.
959. LASAM, Xandrine B.
960. LAURITO, Arman D.
961. LAUS, Richard R.
962. LAUTA, Celeste D.
963. LAUZON, Alden Wilfredo Q.
964. LAVILLA, Jema G.
965. LAXAMANA, Regina Lolita A.
966. LAYSON, Weomark Ryan G.
967. LAYUG, Leney L.
968. LAZCANO, Anne Marie Sheryll G.
969. LEABAN, Aimee Jean P.
970. LECOMPTE, Jesse T.
971. LEE, Jackson P.
972. LEGASPI, Arven E.
973. LEGASPI, Efren A.
974. LEGASPI, Elzon C.
975. LEGORIO, Rufe Paul R.
976. LEONIDA-LOPEZ, Felma Freda
977. LEPARDO, JR., Manuel M.
978. LEVARDO, Frederick S.
979. LEVARDO, Liza Lorelie S.
980. LEVERIZA, Alexander Eric R.
981. LEY, Monica Joy C.
982. LEYSON, Katherine D.
983. LEZADA, Marilen D.
984. LIBRANDO-DELA ROSA, Rosalinda A.
985. LICAYO, Luainne G.
986. LIGUTAN, Amando Van D.
987. LIM, Anne Grace M.
988. LIM, Chichina Faye L.
989. LIM, Elizabeth M.
990. LIM, Johannah Jehan Y.
991. LIM, Karen B.
992. LIM, Ma. Ludmila P.
993. LIM, Peter Steve G.
994. LIM, Richelle R.
995. LIM, Sharon T.
996. LIM, Tecson John S.
997. LIM, Zaldy C.
998. LIM, II, Kirin DP.
999. LIM, JR., Juanito R.
1000. LIMBACO, Raquel B.
1001. LIMBO, Anna Francesca M.
1002. LIMOS, Joseph L.
1003. LIONG, Warren Rex H.
1004. LIRAZAN, Nielraz D.
1005. LIRIO, Maria Victoria A.
1006. LISING, Georgette C.
1007. LITA, Ryan S.
1008. LIZARDO, Nestle C.
1009. LLADOC, Roy P.
1010. LLAGAS, Lilibeth A.
1011. LLAGUNO, Michael S.
1012. LLANILLO, Joel S.
1013. LOCK, Roberto Belarmino M.
1014. LOCSIN, Jigger D.
1015. LODRIGUITO-CARANAY, Ramorelia P.
1016. LOGRONIO, Victoria V.
1017. LOMBOY, Dennis D.
1018. LOMBOY, Jonathan R.
1019. LOPEGA, Michael J.
1020. LOPEZ, Giovanni Z.
1021. LOPEZ, Jacqueline O.
1022. LOPEZ, Joseph Anthony P.
1023. LOPEZ, Lemuel D.
1024. LOPEZ, Rolando B.
1025. LOPEZ, JR., Rodolfo T.
1026. LOPOZ, Rex Jasper M.
1027. LORENZO, Carolyn D.
1028. LOZANO, Evangeline J.
1029. LUA, Dionisio D.
1030. LUCAS, Eileen Z.
1031. LUCERO, Leah G.
1032. LUCERO, Leilani G.
1033. LUCERO, Maricar R.
1034. LUCMAN, JR., Palawan S.
1035. LUDOVICE, Ian Vincent S.
1036. LUMBAY, Ligaya R.
1037. LUMIWAN, Laura P.
1038. LUNA, Giovanni A.
1039. LUSTRE, Margie M.
1040. LUYAHAN-MORCILLA, Araceli O.
1041. MABALOT, Rosabelle V.
1042. MABAZZA, Ronald D.
1043. MAC, Ana Marie A.
1044. MACADAEG, JR., Mario M.
1045. MACAHILOS, Ariel V.
1046. MACAM, Joie L.
1047. MACAPILI, Rochelle T.
1048. MACARAMBON, II, Dagoroan A.
1049. MACASINAG, May M.
1050. MACASPAC, Girlie Y.
1052. MACEREN, Kenneth Joey H.
1053. MACUHA, Jennifer Lyn A.
1054. MADARANG, Jasmine A.
1055. MADDELA, Ariel Ian M.
1056. MADRID, Kathlyn G.
1057. MADUAY, Gilberto M.
1058. MAESTRADO, Michael D.
1059. MAGALLANES, Rowena C.
1060. MAGANDUGA, Josef C.
1061. MAGAT, Abegail H.
1062. MAGDAONG, Mitzell Arthur R.
1063. MAGHUYOP, Marvi A.
1064. MAGLAJOS, Mildred R.
1065. MAGPANTAY, Carmela G.
1066. MAGUALE, Apollo A.
1067. MAJAROCON, Jeanette P.
1068. MALAGA, Elben Marlon L.
1069. MALICDEM, Carolyn A.
1070. MALICDEM, Julie Racquel C.
1071. MALILONG, Francis Nicholas Voltaire E.
1072. MALIMBAN, Noel Neil Q.
1073. MALLARI, Clarisse Aeaea B.
1074. MALLARI, JR., Regino D.
1075. MALONES, Ma. Theresa D.
1076. MAMARIL, Abel U.
1077. MAMARIL, Mary Diana C.
1078. MAMAUAG, Jenny Beth T.
1079. MAMPANG, JR., Carlito V.
1080. MANAGO, Ivy S.
1081. MANALASTAS, Lailani M.
1082. MANALAYSAY, Roland C.
1083. MANALO, Aileen SJ.
1084. MANALO, Dorothy Kristine V.
1085. MANALO, Mark Lester G.
1086. MANALOTO, Rodolfo B.
1087. MANARONDONG, Kadapi D.
1088. MANAUIS, Charisma Reyda Y.
1089. MANCOL, Gefer R.
1090. MANERO, Gidor D.
1091. MANGILIMAN, Diana C.
1092. MANGONDATO, Ishac L.
1093. MANGUBAT, Alvin C.
1094. MANGUNDAYAO, Jonathan A.
1095. MANGUTARA, JR., Mimbalawag T.
1096. MANINGAT, Ninez C.
1097. MANN-ALCAIDE, Rowena B.
1098. MANUALES, Lorena Deenia R.
1099. MANUEL, Michael Augustine Napoleon Ulyses B.
1100. MANUEL, Romulo F.
1101. MANZANO, Alfred Roderick T.
1102. MANZANO, Kristian Ren Dorothy B.
1103. MANZANO, Mary Grace R.
1104. MANZANO, Roger Gerard K.
1105. MAPALO, Marissa C.
1106. MAPE, Elmer P.
1107. MAPILI, Edwin O.
1108. MAPPALA, Marie Grace C.
1109. MAPUTOL, Sigrid Kitchie J.
1110. MARALIT, Amado F.
1111. MARANAN, Lalaine B.
1112. MARARANG, Malou P.
1113. MARASIGAN, Alpha Lawdriann D.
1114. MARASIGAN, Marissa M.
1115. MARASIGAN, Mary Joy A.
1116. MARATAS, Herminigilda P.
1117. MARAYAG, Reynaldo L.
1118. MARAÑON, Rutchie U.
1119. MARBA, Venice M.
1120. MARCABAN, Abraham S.
1121. MARCAIDA, Michael C.
1122. MARCO, Deo L.
1123. MARCOS, Jules Christian D.
1124. MARIANO, Christian S.
1125. MARIANO, Ronaldo C.
1126. MARIÑAS, Roberyn Joy C.
1127. MARONILLA, Fernando S.
1128. MARQUEZ, Marlon R.
1129. MARQUEZ, Rolando G.
1130. MARTIN, Leslie Charlotte R.
1131. MARTINEZ, Arnold R.
1132. MARTINEZ, Louie Michael R.
1133. MARTINEZ, Mark David P.
1134. MARZAN, Milagros A.
1135. MASAGCA, Ramon S.
1136. MASANGKAY, Jose Michael D.
1137. MASIGLA, Dangal P.
1138. MASONGSONG, Manuelito A.
1139. MASUKAT, Elaine T.
1140. MATAHUM, Ferolini T.
1141. MATALANG, Rachel G.
1142. MATIGA, Menchie M.
1143. MATRIZ, Glynnis Theresa C.
1144. MATSUMOTO, Louella A.
1145. MAYOR, Cresencia S.
1146. MAÑUS, William M.
1147. MEDADO, Rusell M.
1148. MEDIJA, Brian Dexter M.
1149. MENCHAVEZ, JR., Reynaldo Y.
1150. MENDEZ, Maria Liza G.
1151. MENDING, JR., Makmod D.
1152. MENDOZA, Evita G.
1153. MENDOZA, Leo Z.
1154. MENDOZA, Maria Concepcion B.
1155. MENDOZA, Percival C.
1156. MENDOZA, Timothy Joseph M.
1157. MENESES, Sheryl B.
1158. MEPA, Shela Grace E.
1159. MERCADO, Kristine Anne V.
1160. MERCADO, Lluvert M.
1161. MERCADO, May C.
1162. MERCADO, Oliver Q.
1163. MERCURIO, Julie P.
1164. MEREGILLANO, David Craig R.
1165. MERELOS, Flordeliza G.
1166. MERELOS, Verna C.
1167. MEREN, Niflem S.
1168. MERGAL, Melchor L.
1169. MERGAL, Miguel L.
1170. MERIDA, Leah V.
1171. MIGUEL, Anne Rachel C.
1172. MILAN, Medel Allan M.
1173. MILLAR, Falconi V.
1174. MILLARES, Maria Corazon R.
1175. MINA, Ruth Eunice L.
1176. MIRA, Gerry Robertson P.
1177. MIRADOR, Throy S.
1178. MIRANDA, Jay L.
1179. MIRANDA, Marinel E.
1180. MISAL, Mundlyn G.
1181. MISLANG, Maria Lourdes E.
1182. MISSION, JR., Andres B.
1183. MITMUG, JR., Rasol Y.
1184. MITRA, Reena C.
1185. MOGELLO, JR., Hilarion C.
1186. MOHAMMAD, Satrina V.
1187. MOLANIDA, Astrid Socorro N.
1188. MOLDE, Michael Ray B.
1189. MOLINA, Arnold L.
1190. MOLINA, Ivan Paul N.
1191. MONCANO, Wilfredo G.
1192. MONCES, Marjorie F.
1193. MONEDERO, Maria Sheila U.
1194. MONERA, Ronald P.
1195. MONJE, Teresa Guia R.
1196. MONTALES, Romer M.
1197. MONTAÑA, Ariel T.
1198. MONTAÑO, Mary Joan V.
1199. MONTEFALCON, Cynthia B.
1200. MONTES, Cristina A.
1201. MONTES, Sonia Maria C.
1202. MONTORO, Ryan V.
1203. MONTUBIG, Julius R.
1204. MONTUNO, Agnes T.
1205. MORA, Rheneir P.
1206. MORAL, Charito S.
1207. MORALEJO, Arnold C.
1208. MORALES, Ann Eillene S.
1209. MORALES, Lyndon T.
1210. MORALES, Nadine Rosario M.
1211. MORAN, Joyce E.
1212. MORENO, Tony Roberts G.
1213. MORESCA, Sheryl G.
1214. MORTIZ, Maria Theresa R.
1215. MURILLO, Emmanuel E.
1216. MURILLO, Rhys Alexei Y.
1217. MUSICO, Joan C.
1218. NABUNAT, Girlie C.
1219. NACIN, Joe Mari A.
1220. NACIONGAYO, Noel S.
1221. NADUA, Dangal Z.
1222. NAJARILA, Arnel C.
1223. NAKAN, Rowanie A.
1224. NALA, Alexander G.
1225. NARDO, Rommel M.
1226. NATIVIDAD, Florante C.
1227. NATIVIDAD, Jose Eduardo L.
1228. NAVALLASCA, Jan Nelin M.
1229. NAVARRO, Gian Enrico C.
1230. NAVARRO, Ronald D.
1231. NAVIDAD, Freedom Ianfe M.
1232. NAZAL, Monina Jane S.
1233. NAZARIO, JR., Montano T.
1234. NECESARIO, Candice Karen R.
1235. NEGRADAS, JR., Orlando C.
1236. NEPOMUCENO, Bryan Mathew C.
1237. NG, Anna Maria Karla B.
1238. NG TSAI, Debbie C.
1239. NICOLAS, Nina S.
1240. NICOLAS, JR., Rodolfo R.
1241. NIEBRES, Jose Carlo H.
1242. NIEDO, Martin B.
1243. NIEVES, Mygee A.
1244. NOCHE, Ronie C.
1245. NOLO, Nonalyn R.
1246. NONATO, Rester John L.
1247. NUQUI, Czar Eric M.
1248. NUYLAN, Martessa E.
1249. NUÑEZ, Erwin G.
1250. OBALLO, Dolreich L.
1251. OBAOB, Ignacio C.
1252. OBRERO, Olivia O.
1253. OCASION, Jocelyn O.
1254. OCO, Alexis S.
1255. OH, Wilbert G.
1256. OLAGUERA, Faro Antonio O.
1257. OLAGUERA-OBSIOMA, Beata Humilda O.
1258. OLALIA, Ferdinand P.
1259. OLBA, Jennifer A.
1260. OLINARES, Liza C.
1261. OLIT, Ronald R.
1262. OLMEDO, Carissa Agnes L.
1263. OLORES, Ivy Katrina F.
1264. OMAYAO, Raincelle D.
1265. OMEGA, Geovanni S.
1266. OMEGA, JR., Anastacio A.
1267. OMENGAN, Alma Grace L.
1268. ONA, JR., Cesar O.
1269. ONG, Cheryl Edeline C.
1270. ONG, Lynneth L.
1271. ONG, Maria Luisa B.
1272. ONG, Novelyn E.
1273. ONG, JR., Robert DG.
1274. OPISO, Felwina M.
1275. OPRIASA, Eric C.
1276. OQUIÑO, Vernon H.
1277. ORACION, Heidi O.
1278. ORFINADA, Katrina G.
1279. ORIBELLO, Karina Grace P.
1280. ORIÑAS, Dean Christian L.
1281. ORLINA, Jun Maxell C.
1282. ORONEA, Maricris E.
1283. OROSA, Theoben Jerdan C.
1284. ORTEGA, Emelyn C.
1285. ORTIZ, Angelito B.
1286. ORTIZ, Kim E.
1287. ORTIZ, Melanie D.
1288. OUANO, Al Rey I.
1289. OUANO, Blesilda T.
1290. PABELLAR, Arnel F.
1291. PABRIAGA, Jefrey R.
1292. PACABUNTAL, Aslia T.
1293. PACALDO, Renato S.
1294. PACANA, Cerilio Neil E.
1295. PACARRO, JR., Unesco C.
1296. PACIENCIA, Joey V.
1297. PACILAN, Desiree P.
1298. PACILAN, JR., Margarito P.
1299. PACO, Esmeralda H.
1300. PACULARES, Francis Rio V.
1301. PACULBA, Jill Ann M.
1302. PADERNA, Maria Gracia A.
1303. PADILLA, Joan M.
1304. PADILLA, Romuald C.
1305. PADILLO, Louwe A.
1306. PADIOS, Eduardo B.
1307. PADIT, Maria Carmel A.
1308. PADUA, Ana Rosario N.
1309. PADUA, Randy M.
1310. PAGDANGANAN, Ernesto S.
1311. PAILAS, Jennifer C.
1312. PAJARILLO, Carina P.
1313. PAJARON, Arvin H.
1314. PALA, Izra R.
1315. PALACIOS, Mariles R.
1316. PALAO, Zavier A.
1317. PALARCA, Ludy A.
1318. PALATTAO, III, Rodolfo John Paul C.
1319. PALCON, Jihan Q.
1320. PALEJO, Renzie B.
1321. PALENGAOAN, Donna Mae B.
1322. PALILEO, Niña Paola O.
1323. PALIMA, Vivian Rosario F.
1324. PALISOC, Ranny Spencer D.
1325. PALMA, Simon Peter G.
1326. PALMA-LABAY, Maria Aurora E.
1327. PALMARES, Stephen A.
1328. PALUKPOK, Mabelyn A.
1329. PAMI, Dominic L.
1330. PANCHO, Fatima Angela O.
1331. PANDA, Esmael A.
1332. PANGAN, Evangeline C.
1333. PANGANIBAN, Maria Lourdes M.
1334. PANGANIBAN, Robert Majarreis
1335. PANGILINAN, Lanelyn D.
1336. PANOL, Candice Antonette R.
1337. PANOPIO, James Benedict F.
1338. PANTALEON, Pag-alay M.
1339. PANUNCIALMAN, Janette S.
1340. PAPARES, Noel R.
1341. PAQUERA-ANDOLANA, Carol Kay V.
1342. PAQUIBOT, JR., Gregorio A.
1343. PARAGUA, Jonathan G.
1344. PARAISO, Deborah F.
1345. PARALE, Godfrey A.
1346. PARANADA, Albino E.
1347. PAREDES, Regina G.
1348. PARENAS, Ritche Y.
1349. PARULI, JR., Rolando A.
1350. PASCUA, Esteban C.
1351. PASICARAN, Marivic F.
1352. PASILIAO, Raymund G.
1353. PASIWEN, Joel L.
1354. PATINDOL, Moreno A.
1355. PATINGAN, Alsannyster F.
1356. PATULA, Maria Theresita E.
1357. PAUIG, Joseph P.
1358. PAUSANOS, Leoncio M.
1359. PAYNO, JR., Gerardo I.
1361. PEDRO, Jaypee Orlando C.
1362. PEDROSA, Albert M.
1363. PEDROSA, Arnold B.
1364. PEDROSA, Erwin A.
1365. PEDROSO, Jonas Fred R.
1366. PEDROZA, JR., Ramon N.
1367. PEDROZO, Marigel C.
1369. PENACO, Katheryn May C.
1370. PENEYRA, Raya Zelene M.
1371. PEPITO, Fermin A.
1372. PERALTA, Joel M.
1373. PERALTA, Junoetia S.
1374. PERETE, Markk L.
1375. PEREZ, Elgin Michael C.
1376. PEREZ, Erick J.
1377. PEREZ, Ferdinand C.
1378. PEREZ, Geminiano P.
1379. PEREZ, Leonard P.
1380. PEREZ, Ma. Lourdez B.
1381. PEREZ, Marc Terry C.
1382. PEREZ, Wendell Ian C.
1383. PESCANTE, Ma. Dyna D.
1384. PESIDAS-LUBATON, Pamela Faye S.
1385. PESTAÑO, Edgar Janine L.
1387. PIAD, Mark P.
1388. PICHAY, Emmanuel R.
1389. PILARES, III, Ricardo M.
1390. PINEDA, Ronaldo J.
1391. PINGOY, Joselito A.
1392. PINILI, Froilan Joseph B.
1393. PINPIN, Sherilyn V.
1394. PIOQUINTO, Kareen Fe D.
1395. PITAN, Rosemarie A.
1396. PLAZA, Hazel B.
1397. PLAZA, Paul E.
1398. PLAZO, Generoso Severo H.
1399. POBRE, Glenn P.
1400. PONCO, Katrina Jamilla B.
1401. PONTANAL-PARES, Charmine E.
1402. PORRAS, Rex B.
1403. POTIAN, Angelica F.
1404. POTOT, Vinalyn M.
1405. PRADA, Selwin M.
1406. PRADO, Christine R.
1407. PRIETO, Federico P.
1408. PRINCIPE, Meynard R.
1409. PRODON, Nancy R.
1410. PUA, Jona Gay A.
1411. PUDAY, Julieta G.
1412. PUEYO-RODIN, Adela R.
1413. PULA, JR., Luis B.
1414. PULIDO, Larliza B.
1415. PUNO, Allan Joseph L.
1416. PUNO, Dennis B.
1417. PURA, Niño Christopher R.
1418. PURUGANAN, Myra Roby S.
1419. PUZON, Katrina Antonia P.
1420. PUÑO-FAINZA, Lorelee C.
1421. QUADRA, Marlo Ignacio V.
1423. QUESADA, Leah Glenda J.
1424. QUIAMBAO, John Stephen P.
1425. QUIAMBAO, Joseph M.
1426. QUIJADA, Fraulein T.
1427. QUIMSING, Jasmin D.
1428. QUIMSON, Rhea Rogelia B.
1429. QUISAO, Jerome A.
1430. QUITALIG-CABANGUNAY, Luithe Lovella C.
1431. QUITAN, Melissa L.
1432. QUIZON, Marilyn L.
1433. QUIZON, Mary Karen E.
1435. QUIÑO, Mary Melanie H.
1436. RABANG, Gerwin A.
1437. RADOC, JR., Rogelio D.
1438. RAFAEL-BANAAG, Ana Maria Paz B.
1439. RAGONJAN, Alexander F.
1440. RAMAYLA, Rodel P.
1441. RAMBANO, Allan P.
1442. RAMILO, Cecilia A.
1443. RAMIREZ, Ramon Enrique B.
1444. RAMIREZ, Rosalie R.
1445. RAMIREZ, Rosanne Marie D.
1446. RAMOS, Christine Antoniette O.
1447. RAMOS, Jayson OS.
1448. RAMOS, Judy O.
1449. RAMOS, Ma. Cristina A.
1450. RAMOS, Maria Socorro R.
1451. RAMOS, Marlon N.
1452. RAMOS, Maybelle C.
1453. RAMOS, Novo-mar F.
1454. RAMOS, Richie Avigale A.
1455. RAMOS, JR., Angelito P.
1456. RAMOS, JR., Robert M.
1457. RAMOS-PETALLO, Gloria G.
1458. RAPIZ-OLIVEROS, Socorro G.
1459. RASTICA, Louie A.
1460. RAYCO, Rosalyn C.
1461. RAZON, Robert Michael N.
1462. RE-OMA, Neil N.
1463. REALO, Leo Marlon B.
1464. REANTILLO, Garrick M.
1465. REBATO, JR., Amador B.
1466. REBUGIO, Edelyn P.
1467. REBUSTILLO, Jehan Regina G.
1468. RECIO, Paolo Gabriel C.
1469. REGADIO, Ethel B.
1470. REGALA, Biennemar R.
1471. REGINALDO, Eric C.
1472. REGIO, Darwin Z.
1473. REGIS, Maria Ivy Y.
1474. REJUSO-BIEN, Irene J.
1475. RELANO, Katherine Joy R.
1476. REMUDARO, Florencio B.
1477. REMUDARO, Rossmund Paolo R.
1478. REMULLA-BRIONES, Ma. Melissa F.
1479. RENIVA, Joseph R.
1480. REOTUTAR, Francis Benedict P.
1481. REQUIJO, Misty Rose A.
1482. RESABAL, Sheila O.
1483. RESURRECCION, Irene S.
1484. RETAZO, Reynan G.
1485. RETORIANO, Joy DC.
1486. REUYAN, Glym S.
1487. REYES, Alex G.
1488. REYES, Anna Rosario P.
1489. REYES, Joan Pauline C.
1490. REYES, Margareth P.
1491. REYES, Maria Helen Aileen M.
1492. REYES, Michael Angelo T.
1493. REYES, Purissa M.
1494. REYES, Sugar C.
1495. REYES, III, Honorio Eduardo B.
1496. REYES, JR., Rizal Q.
1497. REYES-DELGADO, Hannah B.
1498. REYNALDO, Lutherval M.
1499. REYNO, III, Rodolfo V.
1500. RICAMORA, JR., Rudy B.
1501. RICAZA, Michael F.
1502. RIEGO, II, Eugenio L.
1503. RIGONAN, JR., Alexander D.
1504. RIGOS, Roda B.
1505. RIVERA, Ana Maria C.
1506. RIVERA, Dyna S.
1507. RIVERA, Maria Lourdes E.
1508. RIVERA, Maria Kristina A.
1509. RIVERA, Roberto B.
1510. RIVERA, III, Jean Francois D.
1511. ROA, Myra Fiera F.
1512. ROBIS, Leah Angela V.
1513. ROBITE, Meliza Joan B.
1514. ROBLES, Marcus Ceasar F.
1515. ROBLES, Rey Anthony M.
1516. RODRIGUEZ, Charito F.
1517. RODRIGUEZ, Jasmin A.
1518. ROJAS, Hazel R.
1519. ROLDAN, Apollo V.
1520. ROMANDA, Hanan A.
1521. ROMANO, Glenn R.
1522. ROMANO, JR., Charlie R.
1523. ROMERO, Analiza B.
1524. RONQUILLO, Robert James G.
1525. ROSALES, Arjay R.
1526. ROSALES, Ivy Angelli M.
1527. ROSALES, Nizer C.
1528. ROSARIO, Bernard R.
1529. ROSARIO, Jocelyn V.
1530. ROSELL, Roscoe J.
1531. ROSET, Ryan Jay I.
1532. ROÑO, Louie Mark P.
1533. RUADO-ABO, Emelita A.
1534. RUBIATO, Janilo E.
1535. RUBIO, Gina Lyn R.
1536. RUEDA, Ryann T.
1537. RUIZ, Charmaine C.
1538. RUMA, Rochel S.
1539. SABANGAN, Esmeralda P.
1540. SABARRE, JR., Cirilo P.
1541. SABILALA, Aimee Roselle S.
1542. SABILLO, Farley C.
1543. SABILLO, Ferdinand B.
1544. SABONG, Hazel Ingrid L.
1545. SABUGA, Alma L.
1546. SACLAG, Janero B.
1547. SACLUTI, Christopher Jay R.
1548. SAHAGUN, Jefrie R.
1549. SAJULGA, Leah M.
1550. SALAMANES, Ariel B.
1551. SALANGA, Cathy Hazel P.
1552. SALISE-VANGUARDIA, Nirmala Barbara C.
1553. SALO, Noel A.
1554. SALOM, R. John Christopher J.
1555. SALONGA, Jose Marmoi F.
1556. SALONGA, Vina B.
1557. SALVAN, Marie Therese Auriel L.
1558. SAMPAGA, Claro Regino B.
1559. SAMPAGA, Melody S.
1560. SAMPAGA-MANUEL, Maria Cristina M.
1561. SAMSON, Geraldine C.
1562. SAMSON, Jer B.
1563. SAMSON, Joseph Amadito A.
1564. SAN JUAN, Leo L.
1565. SAN JUAN, Yancy SN.
1566. SAN MIGUEL, JR., Enrique D.
1567. SANCHEZ, Thyrone Z.
1568. SANDOVAL, Ma. Concepcion Z.
1569. SANGALANG, Jay S.
1570. SANTAYANA, JR., Sesinando S.
1571. SANTIAGO, Ethel Myra E.
1572. SANTIAGO, Jhimmy P.
1573. SANTIAGO, Jocelyn N.
1574. SANTIAGO, John Mark C.
1575. SANTIAGO, Malou F.
1576. SANTIAGO, Marian Venussa S.
1577. SANTIAGO, Panfilo D.
1578. SANTIAGO, Ruth M.
1579. SANTIAGO, Vivien Leigh T.
1580. SANTIAGO, Willie B.
1582. SANTILLAN, Sherald M.
1583. SANTOS, Bertrand Theodor L.
1584. SANTOS, Eli Dino D.
1585. SANTOS, Emiliano T.
1586. SANTOS, Ma. Theresa Cruz
1587. SANTOS, Maria Theresa Longalong
1588. SANTOS, Marie Grace A.
1589. SANTOS, IV, Glicerio P.
1590. SANTOS-MADRID, Florabelle M.
1591. SARABIA, Sylvano F.
1592. SARDIDO, Flor H.
1593. SARDILLO, III, Marco Antonio Luisito V.
1594. SARMIENTO, III, Francisco N.
1595. SAYAROT, Rhina May L.
1596. SAYDIL, Al-khaizar A.
1597. SAYSON, Gerralyn R.
1598. SAYSON, Jeoffrey C.
1599. SECO, Marina Z.
1600. SEMBRANO, Helen B.
1601. SENO, Joel M.
1602. SEPARA, Fredrick G.
1603. SERAFICA, Maria Luisa G.
1604. SERAPIO, Norman P.
1605. SERGIO, Maria Rose S.
1606. SERRANO, JR., Leodegario N.
1607. SERVANDE, Ultimo C.
1608. SERVITO, Marian Estrella C.
1609. SEVILLA, Enrico P.
1610. SEVILLA, Heidi DR.
1611. SEVILLA, Jose Jonnel U.
1612. SEVILLA, Maverick S.
1613. SEVILLANO, Joven G.
1614. SEVILLENO, Cheryl S.
1615. SIA, Ruby Jane LU.
1616. SIAPCO, Edwin C.
1617. SIAPNO, Dennis
1618. SIAPNO, Paul Eduard A.
1619. SIASON, Ricci L.
1620. SIAYNGCO, Aileen F.
1621. SIBAY, Risty N.
1622. SIBULAN, Meltino J.
1623. SILAO, Czarino P.
1624. SIMANDO, JR., Amador L.
1625. SIMBULAN, Karen P.
1626. SINGAYAN, Dofel T.
1627. SINGGANGAN, JR., Nover B.
1628. SINGSON, Leonardo A.
1629. SINGSON, JR., Eduardo A.
1630. SINGZON, Alice Teresa A.
1631. SIOSAN, JR., Noel C.
1632. SITCHON, JR., Alex M.
1633. SIÑEL, Ma. Soterania M.
1635. SOLDE, Leah Garnet G.
1636. SOLIDUM, Myra Nimfa R.
1637. SOLIS, Bryan Jasper D.
1638. SOLIS, Pamela Angeli M.
1639. SOMCIO, Hygeia C.
1640. SOMERA, Gaylord A.
1641. SONGCUAN, Sarrah Jane S.
1642. SOPSOP, Ronnel C.
1643. SORBITO, Revo E.
1644. SORDAN, Albert R.
1645. SORIA, Maria Cecilia V.
1646. SORIANO, Alvin B.
1647. SORIANO, Christine A.
1648. SORIANO, Crisanto S.
1649. SORIANO, Jamaica V.
1650. SORIANO, Jose Antonio A.
1651. SORIANO, Rowena L.
1652. SORIANO, JR., Carlito C.
1653. SOTOMIL, Anecita P.
1654. SOTTO, Gerald P.
1655. STA. ROMANA, JR., Leonardo P.
1656. STO. DOMINGO, Alvin N.
1657. STO. DOMINGO, Ramon Luis C.
1658. SUAREZ, Abigail D.
1659. SUAREZ, Jo-ann T.
1660. SUBIA, Eric P.
1661. SUDARIO, Sunshine Apple L.
1662. SUMABAT, Ver Angelo N.
1663. SUMAGANG, Jasper D.
1664. SUMAGAYSAY, Liwayway B.
1665. SUMAMPONG, Eugene M.
1666. SUMATRA, Mel S.
1667. SUMICAD-HUERBANA, Georgina P.
1668. SUMILANG-PAGLUANAN, Maria Cristina S.
1669. SUPEÑA, Von Ronald D.
1670. SUPNET, Nicholo Rudolf A.
1671. SUR, Ken Rinehart V.
1672. SURATOS, Maria Graciela B.
1673. SUSUSCO, Giovanni D.
1674. SUSUSCO, Ria Niña L.
1675. SUYOT, Byron M.
1676. SY, Jemina M.
1677. SY, Kristine Kaye T.
1678. SYCHANGCO, JR., Herminio C.
1679. TAAL, Maria Fe M.
1680. TABADA, Genevieve C.
1681. TABADERO, Gerald M.
1682. TABAG-QUERUBIN, Aura Clarissa B.
1683. TABANGCURA, Shirley Mae O.
1684. TABAQUIN, IV, Franklin Anthony M.
1685. TABLIZO, John Ivan B.
1686. TABON, Glenn P.
1687. TACATA, Maricel Z.
1688. TADENA, Angelyn A.
1689. TADENA, Mark Gil M.
1690. TAGLE, Wilfredo L.
1691. TAGTAG, Marilyn W.
1692. TAGUFA, Norman L.
1693. TAGUILING, Roman M.
1694. TAGUININ, Hanna Angela C.
1695. TAGUINOD, Mark Eusebio P.
1696. TAJONERA, Sitro G.
1697. TALA, Irene Joy P.
1698. TALAMPAS, JR., Ruben C.
1699. TALBO, Arman R.
1700. TALENS, Jennifer C.
1701. TALLEDO, Joelleni G.
1702. TALLO, Maricar Joy T.
1703. TAMAYO, Jose Orriccio Odon S.
1704. TAMBAGO, Darwin G.
1705. TAMBAGO, Joeshias B.
1706. TAMBAOAN, Tala C.
1707. TAMPARONG, Reina Mae A.
1708. TAN, Alan Jay Andrew O.
1709. TAN, Andrea A.
1710. TAN, Anjuli Larla A.
1711. TAN, Brynda T.
1712. TAN, Fitzgerald Robert P.
1713. TAN, Florina P.
1714. TAN, Joan Melcar T.
1715. TAN, Jose Mario Elino T.
1716. TAN, Ma. Magdalene A.
1717. TAN, Maria Katrina S.
1718. TAN-PAREDES, Lydia A.
1719. TANG, Alexius P.
1720. TANWANGCO-BERNAL, Rosanna Liz T.
1721. TAPIA, Diomedes G.
1722. TAPLAC, Shealtiel Gay T.
1723. TAQUEBAN, Efenita May M.
1724. TATAD, JR., Reynulfo C.
1725. TAUNAN, Psyche M.
1726. TAYABAN, Belen D.
1727. TAYABAN, Sebastian G.
1728. TAYTAYON, Ervie S.
1729. TAÑEZA, Jonee Bill C.
1730. TEBRERO, Faye Gladys M.
1731. TEH-YLANAN, Sharon R.
1732. TEJADA, Ferdie Q.
1733. TENAZAS, Theresa M.
1734. TENEFRANCIA, Brianna Kay A.
1735. TENORIO, Donnabel C.
1736. TEODOSIO, Marryknol Lourdes E.
1737. TEOLOGIO, Myla Teona N.
1738. TEPACE, Grant Z.
1739. TERCERO, Cheryl I.
1740. THIAM, Christopher R.
1741. TIAOQUI, Mark M.
1742. TIBE, Solo V.
1743. TINGSON, Leo P.
1744. TIO, Marjorie Ann S.
1745. TIPONES, Mary Grace N.
1746. TIROL, Ma. Cecilia U.
1747. TIROL, JR., Victor O.
1748. TIU, Christopher C.
1749. TIU, Raymond P.
1750. TIÑGA, Rommel C.
1751. TOBIAS, Jefferson N.
1752. TOBIAS, Precious R.
1753. TOLCIDAS, Arthur Fran P.
1754. TOLDANES, Louie E.
1755. TOLENTINO, Ju-haree C.
1756. TOLENTINO, Maricar G.
1757. TOLENTINO, Raddy T.
1758. TOLENTINO, Rodel V.
1759. TOLENTINO, Wilfimell S.
1760. TOLENTINO, Yolanda A.
1761. TOLENTINO, JR., Asterio C.
1762. TOLORIO, Alan B.
1763. TOMARONG, Sheilah Marie P.
1764. TOMBOC, Gmeleen Faye B.
1765. TOME, Roderick N.
1766. TONDO, Arturo Z.
1767. TONGOL, Reginald A.
1768. TORDECILLA, Ace York G.
1769. TORNEROS, Norman P.
1770. TORRALBA, Clifford P.
1771. TORRE, Baby Ruth F.
1772. TORREFRANCA, Aimee S.
1773. TORRES, Anna Bianca L.
1774. TORRES, Charmaine L.
1775. TORRES, Edwin C.
1776. TORRES, Irol A.
1777. TORRES, Janice Joanne T.
1778. TORRES, Kristoffer John A.
1779. TORRES, Roda Romina D.
1780. TORRES, Victor Nicasio P.
1781. TORRES-VILLANUEVA, Celia Aurora T.
1782. TRAJE, Rey A.
1783. TRIA TIRONA, Agustin Tomas C.
1784. TRIAMBULO-MAGOMNANG, Mitchie Vanessa B.
1785. TRINIDAD, Jennie A.
1786. TRINIDAD, Jenny Vi C.
1787. TRINIDAD, Joanne Melanie P.
1788. TROPEZADO, Farah Lourdes E.
1789. TUBERA-SY, Ma. Liza
1790. TUBORO, Sandra Sheila R.
1791. TUCAL, Salic R.
1792. TUGADE, Elizabeth C.
1793. TUGADI, Maria Ricasion B.
1794. TUGADO, Gwynn R.
1795. TUGAS, Ferdinand C.
1796. TUGAY-DAZA, Rose Angeli P.
1797. TUGNA, Sherwin N.
1798. TULINGAN, Salacnib I.
1799. TUMULAK, Axel G.
1800. TUQUERO, Sherwin N.
1801. TURINGAN, III, Enrico A.
1802. TUY, Ruel B.
1803. TY, Aldwin Matthew S.
1804. TY, Randel A.
1805. UCAT-LOGARTA, Angie M.
1806. UGALINGAN, Jay Rashid B.
1807. UGSAD, Frank Levi C.
1808. ULEP, Edward M.
1809. UMALI, Buenagracia D.
1810. UMALI, Michael Anthony T.
1811. UMINGLI, Domifel B.
1813. URETA, Ruth Nichole R.
1814. UY, Jinky T.
1815. UY, Josephine P.
1816. UY, Paul John M.
1817. VAFLOR, Karlyle Dawn B.
1818. VALDEZ, Ferdinand A.
1819. VALENCIA, Portia Shirley V.
1820. VALENZUELA, Cheryll Len M.
1821. VALERA, Anne Ysidra C.
1822. VALEROS, Joselyn Bonnie V.
1823. VALEÑA, Arnel Victor C.
1824. VALLEDOR, Marietta M.
1825. VALLENA, Ronnie G.
1826. VALLO, Charlie E.
1827. VANILLA, Catherine Jane L.
1828. VARGAS, Erithon H.
1829. VARGAS, John Paul M.
1830. VARIAS, William M.
1831. VEA, Tara Ann I.
1832. VECINA, Jean Marie A.
1833. VEGA, Paul S.
1834. VELASCO, Maria Fe B.
1835. VELASCO, Sheila Teodora M.
1836. VELOSO, Alain Charles J.
1837. VELOSO, Rossano Pietro T.
1838. VENTAYEN, Rose F.
1839. VENTURA, Selene C.
1840. VERDILLO, Alberto L.
1841. VERGARA, Beryl R.
1842. VERGARA, Lloyd Nicholas D.
1843. VIDAD, Joyce Anne C.
1844. VIERNES, Celestino C.
1845. VILLA, Reina M.
1846. VILLADAREZ, Florichelle V.
1847. VILLAFLOR, Elsa A.
1848. VILLALUZ, Iris Ciela T.
1849. VILLANUEVA, Eugene Arvi A.
1850. VILLANUEVA, Maria Luisa L.
1851. VILLANUEVA, Rosa Natividad P.
1852. VILLANUEVA, JR., Antonio C.
1853. VILLANUEVA-PEREZ, Valerie V.
1854. VILLAR, Raulito A.
1855. VILLAREAL, Joanne L.
1856. VILLARROYA, Ma. Cristina E.
1857. VILLASIN, Niccolo J.
1858. VILLASIS, Christian G.
1859. VILLEGAS, Paul Vincent G.
1860. VILLONCO, Juan Paolo T.
1861. VILLOSTAS, Roderick M.
1862. VIRAY, Cheryl Laine H.
1863. VISAYA, Leizl O.
1864. VIZCONDE, Sherwin D.
1865. WACNANG, Zorayda Mia M.
1866. WAGUIS, Johnny D.
1867. WAYAGWAG, Mary G.
1868. WEE-TOE HIO, Myra Ann L.
1869. WYCOCO, Zea Mai D.
1870. YAMBAO, Ma. Victoria Y.
1871. YANGO, Michelle Anne F.
1872. YAO, Anne Marie U.
1873. YAP, Catherine Grace Y.
1874. YAP, Cyril John Rustico G.
1875. YAP, Maria Anna B.
1876. YAP, Rachael U.
1877. YASOL, Jimmy A.
1878. YASON, Reena Yumina M.
1879. YBAÑEZ, Lynn Mayett G.
1880. YORO, Maria Melissa DC.
1881. YOTOKO, Benjie S.
1882. YPARRAGUIRRE, Cyril June B.
1883. YU, Robert Anthony P.
1884. YU, Shereen Gail C.
1885. YULIONG, Regan G.
1886. YULO, Grace L.
1887. ZABALA, JR., Benjamin J.
1888. ZAGALA, Erwin Felino V.
1889. ZAMBAS, Rochelle Marie R.
1890. ZAMBRANO, Deo S.
1891. ZAMORA, Henry S.
1892. ZAPANTA-DE JESUS, Agatha
1893. ZARAGOZA, Rodney C.

207 thoughts on “Bar Exams – the Agony of waiting for the results

  1. des

    sometimes i’m thinking that the longer i wait for the result the longer my agony would be.. but now the result is fast approaching i think am not as ready to know the result.i feel so nervous every time i think about it.but well …for me that’s but normal…to feel nothing at all is more dangerous than feeling something which i myself cannot understand nor can explain. now that the result be released the soonest, i fervently hope and pray that God may guide us all…give us all the strengths we needed and the courage to face whatever would that be..god bless and good luck my fellow soon to be lawyers..i for one can no longer afford another torture and im sure you too guys…

  2. ram

    I noticed that in the SCs courtnews flash, no entry has been made for 4 days now! Is this an indication that they would post it sometime 2nite?

  3. Atty. MTPB

    to all 2006 bar examinees who are anxiously waiting for the results…JUST KEEP THE FAITH….God bless us all.

  4. Pingback: 2006 Bar Exams: Results at Philippine e-Legal Forum

  5. araceli a.

    hi. goodluck to everyone. this includes my daughter in the phil., maybe i am more excited and nervous because i am already in bed thinking about the result, here i am infront of the computer waiting if the result is out already knowing that theres a big gap in hours from vancouver to manila. whatever the result, i know my daughter did her best and prepared for this big ordeal, whatever the result there will be no less of a person as she is now, she’s everything a mother would dream to have a daughter like her and i will love her more than ever…goodluck and God bless…

  6. jj

    Unconfirmed reports:

    19% paasing rate in Legal Ethics

    No Dq’s in Taxation Law and Criminal Law

    Lowest grade given in Commercial law is 65%

  7. rachelle

    im also hoping na ipost sana dito… for sure talagang nakatutok na ang lahat sa website ng supreme court.

    actually nde naman ako ang ngtake.. ung fren ko.. but im also feeling nervous right now.. hehe

    atty. fred…. sana ur still awake… thanks!

  8. Val

    I’m loosing my mind already, what I mean is by DQs. As above-mentioned that there is no DQs in Taxation and Criminal Law, does it mean that there are no delinquents in the said subjects? Thank You…

  9. lady in green

    DQs meaning DISQUALIFIED examinees… those who obtained a grade lower than 50 in a certain subject .

  10. Val

    The Supreme Court has posted the notice already, its official, exam results will be known tomorrow… Good Luck to All and to Atty. Fred, Thank You for this website, it was much help….


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