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2011-08-01 06:19:57

Representative Client List

Technology, E-Commerce and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • TGK-Asia Consultancy

  • MDR Global Systems, Inc.

Corporate Law/Tax Advisory

  • Andok’s Litson Corporation

  • JGC Philippines, Inc.

  • Pacific Business Group

  • Spinnaker Golf, Inc.

  • Genesis Industrial Gases Corporation

  • Water Craft Ventures Corporation

  • Mass-V Group, Inc.

  • Savede Construction Co.

  • Historical and Nautical Archeology Foundation, Inc.

  • J.C. Piñon Construction

  • Gentech Distribution Corporation

Foreign Investment/Retirement/Immigration
Travel and Leisure

  • Linktone Peak Resources, Inc.

  • Linktone Summit Resources, Inc.

  • Kai Qi Development Corp.

Real Property/Consultancy/General Investments

  • Mega Fishing Corporation

  • San Juanico Aquaculture Resources, Inc.

  • CESSMAG, Inc.

  • EMACO, Inc.

  • JESSMAG, Inc.

Quasi-Banking, Cooperative and other Financial Institutions


  • Central Market Development Cooperative, Inc.

  • Sampaloc Vendors Development Cooperative, Inc.

  • Hulong Duhat Vendors Development Cooperative, Inc.

  • Murphy Development Cooperative, Inc.

  • Public Safety Savings and Loan Association, Inc.