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2016-01-15 08:26:33



Formally established in May 2006, the Jaromay Laurente Pamaos Professional Law Partnership brought together more than sixty years of collective legal experience in providing general legal services as well as advocacy in the specialized fields of real property, banking and tax advisory. The professional relationship between Attorneys Stephen V. Jaromay, Cecilio R. Laurente and Fred B. Pamaos, however, goes back several years and can be ultimately traced to their alma matter -- the University of the Philippines College of Law.

Having worked with each other in various capacities throughout their stay in the College of Law, the passage of time brought opportunities for the founding partners to engage each other professionally as they built their individual law practices.

The fledgling Firm enjoyed immediate success owing to the talent and hard work of its lawyers-members. The initial months of the new Firm’s operations saw the steady influx of clients, whose diverse concerns helped keep the Firm at the forefront of the country’s legal battlefields, engaging the big and established law firms.

To date, the Jaromay Laurente Pamaos Law Offices offers the public quality, competent and cost effective legal services centered on the lawyers-members’ commitment to uphold clients’ best interests while maintaining the highest standards of legal ethics and professional responsibility.

With its members likewise engaged in academic work and rendering legal assistance to special interest groups and vulnerable sectors of the society, the Firm is well on its way towards attaining its ultimate objectives of social relevance and public service.