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2016-01-19 08:55:43



Among JLP Law’s  services are the following:


  • Criminal law
  • Civil law (including family law, such as annulment, legal separation, custody and support matters, adoption and guardianship, testate and intestate proceedings)
  • Administrative and election laws
  • Corporate and tax laws Land registration and related proceedings

Mining and Energy

  • Incorporation and operation of mining and energy companies
  • Assistance in small-scale and large-scale mining investments/permits
  • Preparation and processing of Service Contracts
  • Compliance requirements for government agencies
  • Appearances before regulatory bodies such as the Energy Regulatory Commission

Election Laws

  • Counseling and litigation services in Election Law, including supervision and management of client candidate's election and campaign operations

Corporate, Contracts Investments and Banking

  • Drafting,  review and negotiation of contracts and other legal documents
  • General preventive legal work for corporate clients
  • Registration of corporations, amendment of articles and by-laws
  • Corporate legal housekeeping
  • Corporate secretarial work
  • In-house counseling
  • Compliance requirements and operations of non-bank financial institutions
  • Foreign investments counseling

Intellectual Property and E-Commerce

  • Registration and maintenance of intellectual property marks, names and copyrights
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) assistance
  • All matters relating to Internet laws

Tax and Estate Laws

  • Administrative and judicial claims for tax refund
  • Advice on individual and corporate tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Wills, donations and bequests


  • Issuance of  Visas and work permits, including retirement visas
  • Dual citizenship processing
  • General immigration concerns for resident aliens

Special Projects

  • Handles specific and specialized concerns of individual and corporate clients, particularly those involving commercial transactions such as acquisition and mergers; specialized legal work in intellectual property, banking and stock market concerns
  • Legal advice and counseling work to various groups engaged in lobbying before Congress
  • Consultancy services in the fields of investment and finance